WWE keeps cool with Charlotte Flair

WWE keeps cool with Charlotte Flair

During the discussion Andrade’s WWE Edition In the latest version of Wrestling Radio Observer, Dave Meltzer noted that Andrade’s fiancée, Charlotte Flair, makes seven characters. This is not just through her WWE deal but also her other business deals and ventures. This includes her upcoming film project, Walking Confidence.

Regarding Charlotte WrestleMania Plans, especially after It was removed from several WrestleMania Graphics. Meltzer noted that while She envisioned for Walking Confidence Reboot, Charlotte WrestleMania Plans are kept quiet and there is “definitely a story” there.

“For Charlotte and WrestleMania, I’ve been asking for it all week and everyone avoids me being on it,” Meltzer said. “There is definitely a story that is not the movie, because if it were the movie, it wouldn’t be hidden.”

“It’s definitely something hidden behind everything related to the deal with Charlotte.”

There has been speculation that Charlotte will challenge Asuka to Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte WrestleMania last year’s opponent, Rhea Ripley, is, too She is set to debut Raw tonight.

There has been no confirmation that Charlotte has been upset with Andrade’s news of late. Meltzer mentioned that she’s been making plans for them to work together on screen, which I have confirmed in the past.

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