Would a LaMarcus Aldridge trade make sense for the Boston Celtics with TPE?

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Danny Ainge said he is considering adding “volume shooting” to Celtics in recent weeks and a new brand has appeared on this front in the open market ahead of the March 25 trading deadline at LaMarcus Aldridge.

Tottenham’s big guy agreed to split up according to Greg Popovi يوم on Wednesday and Adrian Voynarovsky I reported Wednesday evening that the team is pursuing Aldridge’s commercial options on multiple fronts.

The 35-year-old Aldridge averages 13.7 points and 4.5 rebounds per game in his 14th league season and is on an expiring $ 24 million contract in 2020-21. He also had health concerns this year in San Antonio who lost eight of his last 11 matches due to a groin and quadriceps injury.

The Celtics team has the resources to trade in favor of the declining veteran, but the question is whether there is a good fit that could make sense for both sides. Let’s review the factors affecting play to get a better idea of ​​where a potential match might exist.

the money

Aldridge is gaining a lot for his skill set at this point in his career, and while his expired $ 24 million deal fits into the Boston trade exception of $ 28.5 million, the Celtics still can’t add him without sending some paycheck due to the team’s tough paycheck. Year maximum. Currently, Boston has $ 19.6 million under the cap, which means the Celtics will have to spend just under $ 5 million in salary in order to get Aldridge’s salary with TPE.

There is also the issue of the luxury tax. The Celtics currently cost $ 13.6 million under tax, and there are some strong benefits for the team to staying under tax this season, including a tax-repeater delay from playing in Boston for future seasons, which will be beneficial for financial flexibility since then. Boston payroll rose dramatically when the Jason Tatum cap rolls out next year. Danny Ainge said the team is ready to pay tax this year but only for a player to offer a big upgrade. Whether Aldridge is that man at this point in his career is debatable.

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TPE scenarios

The Celtics have a crowded front court at the moment with Tristan Thompson, Danielle Theis and Robert Williams sharing minutes in the middle every night. With Marcus Smart preparing to return to the squad from a calf injury Thursday night against the Brooklyn Nets, getting enough minutes for everyone in that group will be a long task with big double squads not going well together on paper for the team (except for Theis / Rob group) Williams is of little use).

Needless to say, there wouldn’t be enough space to give Eldridge the role he wanted in Boston without moving one of these people elsewhere. Financially, Thompson’s move and salary of $ 9.2 million would provide enough space to be able to hold Aldridge’s money in Boston’s TPE and fit snugly under the hard cover. About an additional $ 4 million would have to be transferred over Thompson’s to Celtics to avoid paying the tax.

Will Thompson and an asset to Aldridge work on paper? Yes, but the Celtics are likely to have much greater aspirations with the exception of their big rolling player compared to the 34-year-old on an expired deal. Boston would be able to re-sign Aldridge after the season with Bird Rights if they acquired him in a deal but his age does not align well with the core of the young team. Bringing a half-season veteran doesn’t seem like an effective way to use TPE, especially with no guarantee that Aldridge will want to stay in Boston after this year.

Would any other trade make sense for Boston without TPE?

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Realistically speaking, one way in which Celtics could trade in Aldridge’s favor without using TPE, but it’s a move the franchise probably won’t consider aggressively at the moment is to deal with Kemba Walker. The money works between the duo to match the salary and that should help Boston clear the future paybooks for a looming luxury tax crisis if they want to add another big name that’s out of season with the exception of their huge trader player and they’re still under budget.

However, this type of blockbuster is a very long opportunity for obvious reasons. The Celtics have shown no interest in moving Walker during this season, and Tottenham has a very long list of young goalkeepers under contract for the next few seasons (Derek White, Lonnie Walker and Dejunt Murray) that they want to bring in 30 years. – Old Walker earning maximum money is very low in all likelihood. The Celtics could make it a Tottenham Hotspur while adding young players or draft assets in a virtual swap, but Walker’s tough play in recent weeks will likely not give Boston any inclination to make the kind of mid-season change that will be more geared toward improving resilience in the future. At the expense of the downgrading of talent at present.

Final thoughts

The revamped Aldridge could be a big help to some competitors in the coming weeks in the middle, but the moving parts don’t mean much from Boston’s point of view. Upgrading from Thompson to Aldridge will be a plus but Celtics should be aiming higher through TPE. Aldridge on an expired deal at this point in his career isn’t the guy who deserves to be rocked too hard unless it’s a move that also creates great payroll flexibility to promote other major Boston talent in the future.

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