Why Kendall Jenner is facing a backlash over her tequila brand

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Kendall Jenner faces backlash for Tequila Company 818 (Photo: Instagram)

Kendall Jenner She announced her latest commercial projects on Tuesday with Prof. Mail On Instagram she explains her years-long process of creating “the best-tasting tequila”. But after the first photos of the product named 818 after the area code were released in her hometown of Calabasas, California, people online began to criticize the 25-year-old, calling her “gentrification.”

Lucas AssisA bartender from Brazil from Los Angeles with experience making tequila from his wife’s family in Mexico told Yahoo Life that he was “disappointed but not surprised” when the winds of Jenner’s new brand blew.

“There was a lack of respect for the culture and importance of tequila to Mexico,” he says of Jenner’s ad. “You didn’t even know how to drink tequila properly.” “For someone to go outside and say that in just four years and without prior knowledge of the soul, she was able to make the best-tasting tequila, that’s disrespectful.”

Assis posted a video on his social media explaining his position that the Jenner brand 818 is actually an example of cultural appropriation.

In it, he draws attention to a number of pain points spoken about by countless people across the Latin community, including Jenner incorrectly tasting tequila with ice cubes in her cup, her failure to name the bottles in Spanish and even pointing out that four Years were all it took to make what it says is “the best taste of tequila” when the aloe vera – a plant from which tequila is derived – took twice that time to ripen. All this shows that people who infiltrate the industry, like Jenner, are ignoring the cultural significance of the agricultural product, says Assis.

“The plant is an integral part of the country’s history and culture,” he explains. “Celebrities need to understand the damaging effect their brands can have on the tequila industry but most importantly, on growing the agave plant.” “Using Mexico’s culture and history for nothing but capital gains is to privatize the culture. Not to mention leaving the small, family-owned distilleries that have been doing this for generations, struggling to keep up with rising agave prices, because farmers are simply unable to keep up with demand.”

He continues, “It takes eight to nine years for Agaves to fully ripen, so now we see giant distilleries harvesting them from three to four years old and using diffusers and chemicals to extract the sugars, essentially changing the whole process and the spirit itself, just to keep up with the demand that has been made.” Made by big brands and famous tequila. “

While many people talked about profit-taking from workers in Jalisco, Mexico, others debated the case of Jenner who called Brand 818 to appeal to the Latin demographic in the San Fernando Valley.

However, some people have indicated that Jenner appears to be facing more backlash for possessing Mexican culture than a number of other celebs who have pushed their tequila labels in the past – namely, white male celebrities.

“Maybe there is a level of sexism in some people to see a successful young woman start the tequila brand,” says Acis. But while the general public may not have taken George Clooney and Nick Jonas to account for their tequila companies, Acis did.

“I used to call up celebrity tequila in previous videos, before the 818 was announced,” he explains. “I have called Elon Musk and his Tesla tequila, Casamigos [by Clooney] Even dos Humbris Mezcal from Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul. “

When it comes to the Jenner brand in particular, Asis suggests that “few people have the level of influence you have,” which may add to the interest – both positive and negative – that you receive. “If you want tequila that is owned and managed by an indigenous woman, look for” La Gritona. “It’s amazing, it’s a small group and it’s owned by women.”

While stressing that “all the famous tequila” should be avoided in favor of supporting Mexican brands, Acis explains that there is a right way to participate in the industry.

“Don’t use other people’s culture and history for anything but gain capital. Respect the culture, don’t pretend you know what it means, and don’t claim to be yours,” he says. “There are many ways to get involved in the industry and not to take advantage of it.”

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