Why Amazon’s Saturday Special 49ers-Cardinals will be the only NFL game not to be shown on TV this season

Why Amazon's Saturday Special 49ers-Cardinals will be the only NFL game not to be shown on TV this season

NFL Week 16’s schedule includes a rare three-headed schedule on Saturday, however, that wouldn’t be the only thing rare on the list of games slated for December 26th. And for only the second time ever, NFL has granted exclusive rights to a game to an Internet company.

If you have a NFL Network, you will be able to watch the first match at 1 PM (Pirates at black(The late game is 8:15 PM ET)Dolphins at RaidersOn Saturday, but you will not be able to watch the middle match between them 49ers And the The basics, Which is scheduled to 4:30 PM ET.

The only way to watch this game is by streaming it via Amazon Prime or Twitch. The NFL granting exclusive regular season game rights to a non-TV network is so rare that never happens. The only other time the league allowed a company to broadcast a game to broadcast a game came in 2017 when Yahoo was granted the rights to the London-played Ravens-Jaguars.

This time, Amazon was given a standalone game as part of a new streaming deal The internet giant signed with the NFL in April. Not only did the deal give Amazon the rights to broadcast the Thursday games through 2022, but the deal also included one game for Amazon that will not be available to any national television network and this game is the one to be played on Saturday afternoon in Arizona.

Of course, the NFL will not completely abandon televisions for that game. Under the League’s broadcast rules, all games must be available on TV over the air in the markets of the two playing teams, which means that the only way you can watch the 49ers-Cardinals match on TV is if you live in Phoenix (as it will be broadcast on Fox -10) or if you live in San Francisco (as it will be broadcasting on NBC Bay Area). Everyone else will have to watch on Amazon Prime or Twitch.

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The game is already produced by CBS, which means you’ll see some familiar faces like Andrew Catalon (play-by-play), James Lofton (analyst) and Sherree Burruss (Margin) if you watch Amazon streaming.

If you are wondering why the NFL is giving a standalone game to Amazon, there are several reasons. For example, Amazon paid a lot of money for it, but most importantly, it allows the league to discover the national appetite for games that are only available through live broadcasts. The current NFL TV deal with each network is set to expire after the 2022 season (ESPN expires after the 2021 season), which means the league is currently in deep negotiations for an extension of that deal. One option for NFL might be to sell some sort of broadcast package and if that happens, don’t be surprised if it includes Sunday Ticket, currently on DirecTV.

Depending To Sports Business MagazineAmazon Prime Video, ESPN +, NBCUniversal’s Peacock, and DAZN are all interested in having Sunday Ticket rights, which will allow them to broadcast off-market games to anyone who subscribes. according to New York Post, Amazon You might also end up trying to get the exclusive rights To “Friday Night Football,” so a lot could change on the broadcast front as bidding for NFL matches over the next few months is split.

Anyway, if you really forgot how to watch a match every Saturday in Week 16, here’s a quick reminder:

  • Pirates in black: 1pm ET (NFL)
  • 49ers in cardinals: 4:30 PM ET (Amazon Prime Video and Twitch)
  • Dolphins in Raiders: 8:15 PM ET (NFL)
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The pirates will take a tipping point by defeating the lions, while the invaders will be officially eliminated if they lose to the dolphins.

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