WhatsApp adds voice and video calls to the desktop app – TechCrunch

WhatsApp adds voice and video calls to the desktop app - TechCrunch

The Facebook-owned messaging service said Thursday that WhatsApp is offering support for audio and video calls for its desktop app, providing convenience to the countless people sitting in front of computers who had to access their phones every time WhatsApp rang.

For now, WhatsApp said it is Almost five years of desktop application For Mac and Windows, it will only support person-to-person calls, but will extend this feature to include group audio and video calls “in the future.”

Video calls work “smoothly” for both portrait and landscape orientation, and the desktop client is “set to always be on top so you never lose video chats in a browser tab or a stack of open windows,” said the company, which began testing the feature with a group Small users on the desktop late last year.

Speaking of it, support for voice and video calls is not extending to WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the service, at this time, a TechCrunch spokesperson said. (Facebook launched a A desktop app dedicated to last year’s Messenger service, Which supports group video calls.)

Support for the new feature should come in handy for the millions of people who use the WhatsApp desktop client every day and have had to use Zoom or Google Meet to make one-on-one video calls on the desktop partly because of the convenience.

The WhatsApp, More than 2 billion people use it, Did not share how popular video and voice calls are on its platform, but said it handled more than 1.4 billion calls on New Year’s Eve – daily use tends to peak on the Facebook-owned platform.

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Like the 100 billion messages He said that WhatsApp processes on his platform every day and the voice and video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

After WhatsApp was notorious for taking quarters to push feature optimization to its app, it became apparent that WhatsApp was getting more and more aggressive with Adding new features in the last year. In late January, Facebook added Adhere to biometric fingerprint, face authentication, or eye print For desktop and web WhatsApp, an extra layer of protection makes more sense after today’s update.

I rolled it out Ephemeral messagesAnd pictures and videos that disappeared after seven days late last year as well Introducing payment service in IndiaIts largest market is by users.

New feature additions are coming as WhatsApp tries to convince users to do so Agree to the planned changes to the Privacy Policy – Which received some criticism on Twitter. It was unclear if the concerns raised by a few people on Twitter extend to a larger population.

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