Welcome to Twitter, John Stewart

Welcome to Twitter, John Stewart

John Stewart just joined Twitter, and is now a site owner A verified account. And of course, his first tweets about redditors were on r / WallStreetBets and Their stones.

While it may be his first time appearing on Twitter, Stewart is really a fit – with a profile picture that isn’t actually him, but is a dog.

Fellow late-night commentator Stephen Colbert jumped in to welcome him on the stage, and he gave Stewart a quote tweet hours before checking his account.

at Second tweetStuart thanked everyone for the warm welcome, but said he only plans to use Twitter “in a sporadic and ineffective manner.” (The rest of us, who use it constantly and ineffectively, oppose.)

It is not clear what the future holds for Stuart on Twitter. Will he use it to promote his upcoming TV comeback With its Apple TV software? Will he say the word “Stonex”? Whatever his plan is, it will be watched by a huge audience – he’s garnered over 120K followers in the nearly five hours since he first tweeted.

Of us all here at the edge: Welcome to Twitter.

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