Watching the police chase a stolen 996 GT3 is funny and sad

Watching the police chase a stolen 996 GT3 is funny and sad

In the foreground to Top Gear The notoriously cheap police car challenge, Jeremy Clarkson mocked the non-dramatic nature of English police versus their American counterparts. I can’t help but think about it watching this video of West Midlands Police chasing a man who drives a stolen car. Generation 996 Porsche 911 GT3. It’s sad as much as it’s unintentionally funny.

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Sad, of course, because we hate seeing such a wonderful car stolen and damaged during the process of arresting the thief – who is currently in prison, According to West Midlands Police– Funny, because, well, just watch. The tracking officer recounts the actions in a quiet way that is not at all consistent with what is happening. How many other policemen can you imagine calling those who are chasing after them “struggling for traction?”

As it turns out, the driver Gt3 It turned around a roundabout, allowing the police to keep pace with the driver, as one of the cars eventually pushed him into an ice block. At that point, the GT3 really struggles with traction when the car bounces off the speed limiter that turns its wheels. Then one of the policemen smashed the window of GT3 and arrested the thief.

“A car thief was arrested after a thrilling chase in downtown Birmingham – and the driver was locked up just two hours after the Porsche 911 was stolen,” West Midlands Police wrote in a statement online: “The high-performance vehicle sped away and fired from the red light. But driver Lee Smith will find out. Soon, rear-wheel-drive Porsche cars don’t handle well on icy, snowy roads in January! ”

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We hope the car returns to perfect health because if the 996 GT3 is a real – and I think it is, given its unique sound and seats – it is one of the great 911s ever. And for would-be robbers in the West Midlands, let that be a warning – the police will take you and they will do so in an unusually calm way.

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