Watch: Joan Howard kicked out of Michigan after dusting with Maryland’s Mark Torgon in the Big Ten Tournament

Watch: Joan Howard kicked out of Michigan after dusting with Maryland's Mark Torgon in the Big Ten Tournament
The Big Ten Network

Hot exchange of words Michigan Coach Joan Howard W. Maryland Coach Mark Torgon knocked Howard out of the Big Ten Tournament quarter-finals on Friday. The dust, which required coaches to be fired by game officials as well as team assistants and players, came less than 12 years old during the second half of Wolverines’ 79-66 victory on Friday. A technical bug was released on Turgeon while Howard received a double tech before being kicked out of the game as a result of notching.

It’s not clear what started the exchange, but in the video below from The Big Ten Network, Howard can be seen approaching the bench in Maryland, at which point the screaming match begins between him and Turgeon. The argument took place during a hiatus during the broadcast period in a commercial break.

After the match, none of the coaches gave many details of what was said between them.

“This was happening for three games,” said Torgon, referring to the two regular season matches against Wolverine, both of whom lost. “I’ve been doing this for 34 years. I called the conference office – the commissioner – about what happened in the first two matches. I wasn’t going to play it in the third game. I defended the team and for me. All I said was” Don’t talk to me. “

“The league is well aware of what happened in the first two matches. They will deal with it from there,” said Torgon. “I was as professional as I could be right now. I defended myself, my program and it escalated.”

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Maryland, number 8 in the Big Ten competition, got off to a great start and at one point were 12 points ahead of seeded Wolverine with less than five minutes remaining in the first half. But then Michigan led 16-2 in the final minutes to lead 40-38 at the end of the first half.

The game was determined by a series of rounds by each team with Wolverines withdrawing in the final minutes to win comfortably. Michigan will now play the winner of Ohio State And the Bordeaux In the grand semi-final on Saturday.

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