[VIDEO] Watch Claudia Conway’s 19th season trailer for American Idol

Claudia Conway American Idol Video

Claudia Conway She looks to success where her mother’s former employer couldn’t, by securing America’s vote.

The 16-year-old daughter of Donald Trump’s senior adviser Killian Conway He appears in a new promotional offer for the upcoming nineteenth season of American IdolThat blew up Twitter during Monday episode of BSC.

“I’m so nervous, but I’m so excited,” Conway says in the promotion, referring to her parents as “prominent political figures” after her dramatic meeting with the judges.

Watch the full review below:

While this will surely surprise most readers, it’s worth noting that Conway hinted at her participation in the ABC show in late 2020 when she posted TikTok with the tide. Idol Judge Katy Perry. (Other judges include Lionel Richie and Luke Brian, and Ryan Seacrest has also returned as host.)

Conway definitely isn’t the first politically connected public figure to make the jump to reality TV. Let’s take a moment to remember Sarah Palin’s unforgettable performance in “Baby Got Back”. The Mystery Singer, Or Sean Spicer’s painful movements during his season Dancing With The Stars. Honestly, we could list more examples, but we caused enough damage for one night.

American Idol Returns Sunday, February 14th at 8 / 7c. Hit PLAY in the video above, then Drop a comment with your thoughts (if any?) Below.

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