UD suspends campus activities | UDaily

UD suspends campus activities |  UDaily

Photography by Cathy F. Atkinson

In response to the ongoing snow emergency, the University of Delaware decided to suspend personal on-campus activities on its Newark campus on Monday, February 1. The virtual activities, including online classes, will continue as originally planned.

Essential personnel must show up to work on time regularly, unless otherwise noted. UD facilities staff will clean campus parking lots and treat sidewalks.

Other UD sites in the state will make their own decisions about closing or opening late depending on their local conditions.

Schedule changes

  • The university’s COVID-19 test scheduled for February 1 at Harker ISE Lab and Clayton Hall has been canceled.
  • Student Health Services will be closed on February 1, and students with Monday appointments will need to reschedule. The Nurse Call Line will be available to anyone with medical concerns.
  • On the Children’s Campus, the Early Learning Center and College College will be closed on February 1. The laboratory school will continue virtual learning.
  • The Morris Library will be closed on February 1, but virtual services will still be available. use AskLib To ask questions via chat or email.
  • Undergraduate centers will be closed on February 1.
  • UDairy Creamery will close 1 February.

Personal safety

Safety is the top priority at UD. Faculty, staff, and students should not put themselves at risk, and staff who expect difficulty in travel should contact their supervisors.

Faculty members who are unable to hold a class must notify their department offices, and students who are unable to attend a class must contact their professors. In such cases, UD policy states that students should be allowed to make up for lost class time and canceled classes should be rescheduled when possible.

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University policy reprinted below:

Faculty and students are not expected to take unnecessary risks to fulfill their teaching and teaching obligations due to bad weather. When classes are not canceled, the personal judgment is whether or not traveling to campus is dangerous. Faculty members must notify their department offices when weather prevents them from fulfilling their educational obligations; Likewise, students must notify their professors when bad weather prevents them from attending class. In such cases, students should be allowed to make up for lost class time and whenever possible, canceled classes should be rescheduled.

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