Twitch replaced Metallica’s BlizzCon concert with non-heavy metal music

Twitch replaced Metallica's BlizzCon concert with non-heavy metal music
While Metallica fans received a special performance by the band at the end of BlizzCon 2021’s opening ceremony, those watching on the official Twitch Gaming channel at the ceremony were treated to the most non-heavy metal music imaginable in order to avoid the DMCA. Shortly after Metallica started, Twitch switched to royalty-free music to avoid DMCA takedown, predictably resulting in a few hilarious moments captured by people like @ Slasher On Twitter.

It appears that Twitch has not obtained the appropriate rights to allow the music to be played on its channel. Thankfully, the concert and its music played as expected on other Twitch channels such as Blizzard’s private channel and BlizzCon’s official YouTube live broadcast.

DMCA takedowns have been a huge problem for Twitch Streamers lately, and Twitch has admitted to having handled the situation badly and promised that better tools were on the way.

Besides this hilarious moment, BlizzCon 2021 has already delivered some important news and revelations, including Diablo 2 Resurrected, Rogue class from Diablo 4, 55 new details from Overwatch 2, and much more.As of this writing, the second day of BlizzCon has started, and you can follow the best announcements in our BlizzCon 2021 Report.

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