Top news: MacBook Pro, iMac, AirPods Rumors, macOS 11.2.2, and MagSafe Wallet Revisited

Top news: MacBook Pro, iMac, AirPods Rumors, macOS 11.2.2, and MagSafe Wallet Revisited

March is approaching, and that means our first good chance to launch an Apple product is in 2021, as the company often makes important launches in March or April every year. We hear rumors about the MacBook Pro, iMac, AirPods and more, although many of them will be released at various times throughout the year.

This week also saw a macOS update to address a major issue with some of the latest MacBook Pro models when connected to some USB-C hubs and docks, while our videographer Dan Barbera took a second look at the MagSafe Leather Wallet released alongside iPhone 12 models. Read on for all the details!

New MacBook Pro models with HDMI and an SD card reader are expected to launch later this year

Last month, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple plans to launch New MacBook Pro models measuring 14in and 16in in the second half of this year With brighter Mini-LED displays, new flat top and bottom edges design, additional back ports and a MagSafe charging cable, physical function keys in place of Touch Bar.

2021 Mbps HDMI 3D Bokeh slot

This week, Kuo has become more specific about those additional outlets, claiming that the two new MacBook Pro models are It will be equipped with an HDMI port and an SD card reader At least.

If the rumors spread, it could be one of the most important fixes the MacBook Pro has ever made, with many fan-favorite features returning. There’s also a lot of anticipation surrounding Apple’s next-generation silicon chipset due to the already impressive performance of the M1 chip in lower-tier devices like the MacBook Air and the base model, the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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Small LED backlight It could be extended to the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro It is rumored to be released as early as March.

2021 iMac comes in five colors, Apple Silicon Mac Pro looks like a “stacked” Mac Minis

Apple’s next-generation iMac It will be available in the same colors as the latest version of iPad Air, Including silver, gray, space, green, sky blue, and rose gold, according to John Prosser of Front Big Tech.

Imac 3d apartment 3

BloombergMark Gorman previously mentioned that The new iMac will be redesigned with thinner bezels There is no metal chin underneath the screen, and a flat back similar to Apple’s advanced Pro Display XDR. This will mark the first redesign of the all-in-one desktop since 2012.

Gorman also reported that Apple Development of a smaller version of the Mac Pro With Apple’s silicone chip, Prosser this week claimed that this device would look similar to three to four Macs in a stack. The design may remind us of the Power Mac G4 Cube, released in 2000.

It is possible that the third-generation AirPods will be shown in a leaked image

Apple is rumored to be working on a third-generation AirPods for release later this year, and An alleged photo of the earbuds and their charging case appeared this week On the Chinese site 52 votes.

New airpods 52audios leaked image

The new AirPods are expected to take design cues from the AirPods Pro by having silicone ear tips and smaller leg, but they will lack advanced features such as active noise cancellation, allowing for a lower price. The current AirPods are $ 159 with a wired charging case and $ 199 with a wireless charging case, while the AirPods Pro retail price is $ 249.

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Japanese site Mac Utacara It has previously been claimed to be the second generation AirPods Pro as well Planned to launch in April. Camel With the aim of making the second generation AirPods Pro more compact By removing the stem that protrudes from the bottom, resulting in a more compact design like Google’s Pixel Buds, according to BloombergMark Gorman.

Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 to prevent MacBook from being damaged by incompatible third parties

new MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2 software update has been released For Mac users who prevent MacBook Pro models 2019 or later and 2020 or later from being damaged when connected to certain incompatible third-party USB-C hubs and terminals, according to Apple.

A three-feature feature of macOS Big Sur

There have been several reports of Reddit from Mac users plugging USB-C hubs and docks into their devices, causing the device to stop working. Affected Macs appear to go blank and unresponsive shortly after the dock is connected. Many of the problematic users were using hubs and berths that were not purchased from reputable companies.

The new ‌‌‌‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌‌‌ 11.2.2‌ update can be downloaded for free on all eligible Macs using the Software Update section in System Preferences.

Apple’s MagSafe Leather Wallet Review after 3 months

On our YouTube channel this week, Mac rumors Videographer Dan Barbera Apple’s MagSafe Wallet review for iPhone 12 models After using the supplement for three months, his impressions were much more favorable after this extended use.

Apple MagSafe Leather Wallet

Dan initially disliked the MagSafe Wallet because he found a weak magnetic connection and could easily drop from the iPhone when the device was put in the pocket, but he learned how to adjust his usage habits in a way that works best for him.

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