Tom & Jerry $ 12.5 Million Opens For $ 12.5 Million In Box Office, Second Best During Pandemic – Deadline

Tom & Jerry $ 12.5 Million Opens For $ 12.5 Million In Box Office, Second Best During Pandemic - Deadline

Update Sunday morning after Saturday 7:51 am Other: Charting update and more analysis Warner Bros.Day and release date Tom & Jerry In theaters and beyond HBO Max It recorded the second best opening during the pandemic, since theaters reopened in August $ 13.7 million In 2475 theaters. Warner Bros. Also the opening record at the domestic box office during the pandemic with its release on Christmas Wonder Woman 1984 Who grossed $ 16.4 million. all over the world Tom & Jerry I did $ 38.8 million. The pic I hear before marketing costs had a production budget of $ 79 million.

This number also beats 3 days of Universal / Dreamworks Animation Croods: the new era, That raised $ 9.7 million over the 3-day weekend of Thanksgiving.

‘Tom & Jerry’
Warner Bros Pictures

The Tim Story directed by Chris DeFaria produced hybrid live animation and also released its $ 4 million opening day Friday. Warner notes that there has been a large number of private theater rentals by families. Warners says Tom & Jerry He has more than 10,000 hall reservations so far.

Warners posted these numbers on Tom & Jerry In a current exhibition scene where just under 50% of all 5.8,000 theaters in the United States and Canada are open, Series 2 Regal continues to close. On the upside, New York City is set to open next Friday with capacity limits. 25% in time for the second weekend of Tom & Jerry, Disney Raya and the last dragon (Which will also be available on Disney + for $ 30 a pop) and the YA sci-fi feature by Lionsgate A mess waking up. More positive news this weekend: 11 out of 58 California counties have reopened cinemas with 25% capacity including Humboldt, Marin, San Mateo, Shasta and Yolo. Trinity County
Go from the orange level to the more restrictive red level (25% capacity). Quebec also reopened on Friday.

The search for movies will only improve: Los Angeles is expected to reopen within the next month as well, and then we just have to wait for capacity restrictions to loosen.

Tom & Jerry In early estimates, it recorded $ 3.2 million in China on Sunday, totaling $ 12.4 million; The film was surpassed by local titles Hello mother! And the Detective Chinatown 3. Nancy will have more information soon.

CinemaScore is great for A- and Cinemascore / Screen Engine’s updated PostTrak scored a positive rate of 79% and four stars. At CinemaScore, Story was seen by 70% of the audience under the age of 35 who scored the film with an A +, and 17% of men under the age of 18 gave it an A +.

Tom & Jerry It got a good recommendation of 60% for the general public and 66% for children. Children under 12 years old also gave cat and mouse 4 1/2 stars and 90 positive reviews. The female to male ratio was 51% to 49%, with 46% under the age of 17 on PostTrak. The diverse turnout showed 35% Hispanic, 33% Caucasian, 21% African American, and 11% Asian / other.

DreamWorks Animation

The expectation is if only Universal could be slow The Croods: A New EraAnd the Who struck $ 52.3M The United States this weekend and was in fifth place out of 14 consecutive weekends, then it can too Tom & Jerry.

Again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves: These box office numbers are not at pre-pandemic levels, but do show that the financial tide at the domestic box office is shifting.

There was a fear when cinemas reopened for the first time in some parts of the country that families would not venture out. But it is clear that with the increase in vaccinations, the fear of returning to the cinema is slowly fading.

Again, we’ve been saying this for the past two months, but Warners is really trying to get these films to work in those areas of the country where cinemas are open, despite today’s strategy and history. Most of the time, Netflix and Amazon movies don’t make any money in the limited theatrical run in advance of them to be on those streamers (regarding the latter, they have started adopting this limited theatrical / streaming strategy with Scott Z. The acquisition of Sundance, the report).

This Weekend’s 10 Best Sites for Tom & Jerry They were: 1. Cinemark North Canton (Ohio), 2. Cinemark Pharr Town Center (Texas), 3. West-Wind Sacramento Drive-In, 4. AMC Garden State (Paramus, NJ), 5. Santikos Casa Blanca (San Antonio )), 6. Cinemark Egyptian (Hanover, MD), 7. West-Wind Solano Twin Drive-In (Concord, CA), 8. Cinemark West Jordan (Salt Lake City), 9. West-Wind Glendale Drive-In ( Phoenix) and 10. Synergy Odessa (Texas).

The top 10 DMA markets for animation feature were 1. Dallas, 2. Greater New York Metro Area (including major theaters of New Jersey, Long Island, etc.), 3. Chicago, 4. Houston, 5. Phoenix, 6 Salt Lake City, 7. Atlanta, 8. Detroit, 9. Denver, 10. Boston.

Regarding electric power on social media Tom & Jerry, RelishMix reports, “During this beta phase of re-dating and day / dating, we’re seeing headlines running fast campaigns and simplifying their marketing expenditures with the knowledge that the move to VOD will start streaming quickly. Tom & JerryThere is a special element. Tom & Jerry YouTube playlists, which are ideal for parent-managed kids’ viewing, contain viewing metrics that are typically only seen on Vevo music video channels. the above Tom & Jerry Amassed 546 million views for a single video. And the top ten Tom & Jerry The videos combined, most of them on Warner Bros Kids’ YouTube channels have more than 2.1 billion views (yes, a billion). Note that WB Pictures YouTube channel with 15 years of marketing material has 9.5 million subscribers and Warner Bros Kids channel has 16.3 million subscribers. The goal of HBO Max is pretty clear.

Tom & Jerry My social media footprint via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter views is just under 42 million at the weekend. More on TikTok, videos and posts about it Tom & Jerry She is “moderate and scattered” in RelishMix “without salient features.” Note, Warner Bros made great use of TikTok with the debut of HBO Max Scoop Back in May, as a result It generated 4 billion global views; This movie originally dates back to pre-Covid theatrical release.

Superstar Chloe Grace Moretz has 20.3 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, and she is clearly a pic’s social media star. She interviewed Tom Cat and posted the video to Instagram:

Jason Keelar, CEO of WarnerMedia, also gave a shriek to Tom & Jerry On Twitter on Friday:

Frances McDormand for Film
Searchlight photos

Search lamp has not reported numbers in BedouinAnd the But even with its availability on Hulu, industry estimates indicate that Chloe Zhao’s drama directed at $ 333K On the fourth weekend at 1,200 locations. The final A $ 3 million domestic BO has been tied as a potential game-ending in the US and Canada. Once again, it will be interesting to see the impact of New York City homes on this movie including Warner Bros. Competitor Awards Season Judah and the black Christ In addition to Focus competitors, Earth And the Promising young woman.

We are building the top ten charts for this week:

1.) Tom & Jerry (West Bank) 2,475 theaters, 3 days: $ 13.7 million/ Week 1

2.) The Croods: A New Era (University) 1,912 theaters (-1), 3 days: $ 1.2M (-30%) / Total: $ 52.3M/ Week 14

3.) little things (WB) 1853 Theaters (-208), 3 days: x dollars (-x%) / Total: x dollars/ Week 5

4.) Wonder Woman 1984 (WB) 1,534 Theaters (-110) / 3 Days: xK dollars (-x%) / Total: xM dollars/ Week 10

5.) Judah and the black Christ (WB) 1350 Theaters (-556), 3 days: xK dollars (-x%) / Total: xM dollars/ Week 3

5.) Ramy (Open) 1,414 Theaters (-229) / 3 days: 700 thousand dollars (-10%) / Total: $ 12.3M/ Week 7

6.) Monster hunter (Sony) 1,238 theaters (-73) for 3 days: $ 460K (-12%) / Total $ 14 million/ Week 11

8.) Earth (Focus) 1349 theaters (+98) / 3 days: $ 355K (-29%) / Week 3

9.) Bedouin (Scout) 1200 Theaters (+25), 3 days: $ 333K (-33) /Total $ 1.1 million/ Week 4

10.) world News (The university) 992 theaters (-169) for 3 days: $ 200,000 (-17%) / Total: $ 11.96M/ Week 10

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