Tom Brady: BFF Gronk says QB will sign a 50-year contract if he can

Tom Brady: BFF Gronk says QB will sign a 50-year contract if he can

In celebration of Disney World, “throwing off the fumes” after a few hours of sleep, Groenk spoke to CNN’s Andy Scholes about the now-record-breaking partnership, held by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, for most of the touchdowns in NFL match history.

“It’s very crazy, but this record definitely needs to be broken,” he said.

“The Super Bowl record is broken. It’s inconceivable to have that connection with him.

“It took a lot of work, you know, since I got into the league in my rookie year just to be on the same page as him. It’s so cool, you know, to get that, knowing we got that we trust each other. And anytime we get there.” To the field, we’re ready to go. “

The permanent duo lifted the Trophies together at the New England Patriots, and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the question is how long the prolific duo can go on winning trophies, with the much-acclaimed Jot Brady at his seventh Energy win over?

“Yes, I don’t know,” said Groenk. “Tom would probably go to 55 if he could. I’m a year old man.

“I feel Tom would sign another 50-year contract if he could, while I would do it one year at a time.”

After taking a year off from sports, Gronkowski returned in April 2020 to join a new team full of unique Challenges In football season Upside down From the epidemic.

“This thing started in August and it was all about sacrifice and commitment to each other,” Boss coach Bruce Ariane told CNN Sport.

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“We had to beat the virus before we beat another team. I cannot say enough about our men’s commitment to each other.

“This is one of the closest teams I’ve ever been to and we couldn’t eat together, we couldn’t talk to each other. For them they really care a lot about each other … the bonding experience happened somehow, and I’m still trying to figure out how to do it.” .

For Gronk, Super Bowl’s win with Tampa was his fourth career, but after courting the idea of ​​retirement, he said he would be remembered – just like his enduring relationship with Brady – as one of its kind.

“This guy has his own place, he’s just out of retirement, he’s come down to Tampa Bay and won the Super Bowl.

“That definitely has its own place in my heart. It is there, man. It is there. It has been a special year, a special journey. It will be a story for the ages.”

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