TikTok mimic Tom Cruise uses deepfake technology to achieve cool ends

TikTok mimic Tom Cruise uses deepfake technology to achieve cool ends

What’s better than high-tech, Mission: ImpossibleMask style? The deepfake technique TikToker uses to impersonate Tom Cruise, apparently (Across The Daily Beast). The Deeptomcruise account He appears to be showing someone pretending to be the famous actor, and the impression isn’t just jaw-dropping due to the way the person replicates Cruz’s famous laugh.

How do you know that it’s not actually Tom Cruise using some kind of weird Twitter name? Firstly, its sound is close, but it isn’t Completely There is, especially since lip-syncing is a bit off at some points. You can hear Cruz’s real voice In this video (Unless, of course, James Corden profoundly fakes it.)

Second, while the tracing and illumination on the face is darn close to pure – especially When an actor passes something in front of his face – there are still two kinds of vulnerabilities, particularly in golf game The sunglasses disappear and his mouth turns into a frame or two.

It’s not perfect, but it’s close.
Gif: Edge

Even with these light points, the effect can still be frightening. I’m not going to shout from rooftops that deepfakes will be devastating to society, but the fact that someone poses as a popular TikTok actor (and gains 236,000 followers in the process) still shows that deepfakes are still difficult to track. While the account clearly indicates that it is fake using the word “deep” in its name, the following account may not appear. TikTok didn’t immediately respond to an email from the edge He asks if this type of account is permitted under his terms of service, but his TOS explicitly states impersonation is prohibited:

You may not: […]
Impersonate any person or entity, or claim a lie or otherwise deviate from you or your affiliation with any person or entity, including giving the impression that any content that you upload, publish, transmit, distribute or otherwise make available stems from the services

However, this account appears to have some relatively harmless fun. If you’re reading this, the person running the deeptomcruise (or the real Tom Cruise), please explain if this technology can keep up with the best Tom Cruise game, or if it can handle you Dancing and lip-syncing with Bob Seger. Just whatever you do, Leave Oprah, fake or not, out of it.

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