This year, VLC 4.0 brings a new interface to the popular video player

This year, VLC 4.0 brings a new interface to the popular video player

VLC 4.0, the popular cross-platform media player, is slated to launch in the coming months. protocol Reports. The big new feature is the redesigned interface, which VideoLAN president Jean-Baptiste Kempf hopes will look “a little more modern”. protocol Reports too The team is working on incorporating more online content into the program, as well as a new way to play VLC on a webpage. It also has an IMDb competitor in the business.

VLC VideoLAN developer has given the world a peek at what this is New interface It could look like it’s way back in February 2019 at FOSDEM. Screenshots released at the time show an interface abandoning the player’s light gray color scheme in favor of a design that featured transparent interface elements and modern looking icons. Kempf jokes: “Don’t worry.” When viewing photos, “You can still use the command line.”

It is a more modern design.
Photo: VideoLAN / FOSDEM

Music file playback interface.
Photo: VideoLAN / FOSDEM

Along with VLC 4.0, the VideoLAN team is also working to bring more online content to the program, with extensions to offer third-party videos. Offer free ad-supported videos in the future, similar to Plex It deals with its own broadcast serviceAnother possibility. In addition to bringing online content into VLC, the team is developing a new version of the program that can run more easily within a webpage using Webassembly and JavaScript instead of the old browser plugin. Kempf says you’ll be able to play “any type of movie right inside your web browser” when it’s ready.

Moviepedia Project is perhaps more interesting, as it is known internally. It is an attempt to build an IMDb-style database for movies, which can be edited and maintained by users.

There is no specific release date for VLC 4.0, but you can read more about VideoLAN features planned for release at Show 2019 (Or check out A. Register here).

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