Thinning of Ice: Europeans Warn Against Skating on Snow Melting Canals After a Series of Accidents | Netherlands

There is skiing, while half naked on a half-frozen river, in a thawing patch and landing face-forward in a mixture of ice, mud and very cold water.

This is a familiar experience for at least one Dutch skater – and Twitter users who have viewed the video 5.2 million times -.

The video, published on Monday, was tagged with the hashtag “ijs niet overal goed,” or “Snow is not good everywhere.” Having plunged into the icy depths of the Amsterdam Canal, the swimsuit-wearing skier looks fine, if surprised, declaring his fall “the face plant”.

In the end, he is helped by another skater, who risks the same fate, to throw his rope. The man slides from water to ice on his stomach, then stands up and arches to the audience before sliding away.

Wearing a swimsuit had its advantages: other skiers who broke through the ice had to climb up wearing soaked puffer jackets and other winter gear. A woman was placed on a ladder lying on the ice and emergency workers pulled her ashore. Others were rescued by spectators using hockey sticks.

On Sunday, the Dutch had a rare opportunity to hit the canals after they froze for the first time in nearly three years.

Skiers Slipping Through The Frozen Surfaces Of Amsterdam Canals - Video
Skiers Slipping Through The Frozen Surfaces Of Amsterdam Canals – Video

Hard ice proved risky as well, and some skiers have fallen into hospital, despite a formal plea to avoid the debilitating emergency services.

It was the authorities of the Netherlands Advertise a rare “red code” The state of emergency as Storm Darcy sent temperatures down to -5 ° C (23 ° F), the first snowstorm to hit the country in a decade.

Elsewhere in Europe, officials have told people to stop skiing on melting lakes. In Berlin at the weekend, police in helicopters urged skiers to leave the snow BBC reported.

In northern England, skaters have been trying to recreate the movements seen on the reality show Dancing on Ice on Frozen Lakes in Nature Reserves. They were warned that in addition to the dangers of thin ice, the remoteness of the lakes means help is far away.

Two girls were rescued after falling across the ice on a river in Nottinghamshire on Sunday BBC reported.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has warned against mass skiing to avoid the risk of spreading Covid-19 as well as injuries that could clog hospital emergency rooms.

However, the emergency rooms were occupied twice as usual on Saturday as people appeared suffering from wrist fractures and other injuries during the falls, the Medical Staff Associations said on Twitter.

A group of skiers fall across the ice in Amsterdam canals on Sunday.
A group of skiers fall across the ice in Amsterdam canals on Sunday. Photo: evgeny_amsterdam via Reuters

However, the problem is unlikely to persist. Temperatures are expected to rise to 14 ° C in Netherlands By Saturday.

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