The San Francisco 49ers can wait in the Deshaun Watson trade

The San Francisco 49ers can wait in the Deshaun Watson trade

The 49ers are finally working their way up to Deshaun Watson’s business conversation after most of the early discussions from National Correspondents revolved around the Dolphins and Jets. Stated Jeremy Fowler of ESPN San Francisco is one of the teams that Watson found interesting.

This does not necessarily mean that trade is imminent, and that Texas is sticking to their desire to let Watson sit through the season hoping to ultimately salvage their relationship with the franchise caller.

What may ensue is a prolonged confrontation between the two sides that lasted throughout the season. If they end up making the decision to move out of Watson, Peter King indicated in the “Football Morning America” ​​column that it could happen in late September. This would be a scenario where Houston would exhaust all avenues before surrendering.

Let’s go to a world where it happens and at the beginning of September Houston started making calls about QB.

While he would put Watson behind the curve with his new club to the point that he might not be able to start the season, he could make an easy mega-business deal for San Francisco to pull the trigger.

Assuming it includes at least three choices from the first round, there’s a good chance that all of those choices are late picks given what Watson will do for head coach Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers crime. They’ll also have this year’s 12th pick on the list and they won’t have to include it in that batch of picks.

It would also make a team like Jets or Dolphins less enticing to business partners since they no longer had options 2 and 3 in this year’s draft – one of the main reasons they were named as potential business candidates.

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The long wait will also be easier because 49 players are willing to stay with Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s not the perfect midfielder, but they also don’t yearn to part with him. If they have to sit on their hands while waiting for Watson’s availability, they can do so with the knowledge that they have a communication signal they feel comfortable with if the trade never paid off.

A name like Watson even if it whispered in the commercial market will make it a story until it becomes relevant to Houston again or until it finally moves. It looks like it might be a long wait in a final bargain, but San Francisco is well placed to wait, and Watson is a potential business target worth the wait.

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