The Reports: Panthers featured # 8 pick and more for Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers

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Panthers were among Several teams compete for it Matthew Stafford Before lions agreed to swap it for rams, but reports of what leopards were providing are eye opening.

Carolina showcased her first round selection this year, No. 8 overall, and more, according to Albert Brier from And the Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

With a show like that, it is surprising that the Lions take the Ramez offer to choose the third round of 2021, choose the first round of 2022, and choose the first round of 2023 and Jared Goff While that. Ramez’s picks in 2022 and 2023 are likely to be in the first round of eighth place overall, and teams always prioritize picking this year rather than having it in the future. In fact, if Lions had really wanted to pick up picks from the first round in the coming years, they would have had it by exiting the Panthers ‘No.8 overall pick, as well as the Lions’ No.7 pick overall.

The Rams were eager to get rid of Juve’s contract, and he might like Lions’ general manager Brad Holmes, who has been with the Rams throughout Juve’s tenure, enough that he sees Juve, even as his hefty salary ceiling reaches the next two seasons, a positive asset. But with the top 10 picks being introduced in 2021, surprisingly Lions preferred the Goff and Rams shotgun set instead.

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