The Patriots, 49ers are among the NFL Free Agency’s biggest spenders

The Patriots, 49ers are among the NFL Free Agency's biggest spenders

Much of the $ 164.9 million spent by 49 Free Agency players went to add two of the best blockers in soccer to protect midfielder Jimmy Garoppolo from rough passes in West NFC, Rams Aaron Donald and JG Watt of the Arizona Cardinals. The upright midfielder tends to have a positive effect on a team’s attack.

By trading pricey players like Jalen Ramey and Yannick Ngakoue in recent seasons, Jacksonville Jaguars entered a free agency with a bunch of available space. They offered $ 144 million in total value of the contracts. They focused primarily on defense, after finishing 1–15 with the second-worst defense in the league, and back-back Shaquill Griffin signed a three-year contract, worth $ 40 million, and safety of Rayshawn Jenkins to a four-year deal, $ 35 million and end Roy Robertson Harris’ defense for 3 years & $ 23.4 million.

Offensively, the Jaguars reconstruction begins with the draft, with the team likely to use Public Choice # 1 to select Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence. For the first time, NFL coach Urban Meyer, who team owner Shahid Khan said would have control of the roster, uses a free agency to fill loopholes before the new face of the franchise arrives. But Mayer has already expressed dissatisfaction with some aspects of the NFL team management, describing the period of legal tampering in the league as “appalling”.

The free agency’s strong market for defensive talent led to the sad Bengals team (4-11 in the 2020 season) to prioritize this aspect of the ball with a value of $ 122.75 million in free agent contracts. The team also signed a contract with Vikings for a $ 7.5 million one-year deal, the first step in fixing a weak offensive line tasked with protecting Joe Burrow, who tied for ninth highest league player in the league last season.

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Derek Henry’s legs can only hold the Titans so far. Despite a season in which the decline once again led the league in accelerating arenas, Tennessee has bounced from the playoffs in the wild cards tour. This off-season, General Manager John Robinson boosted the passing rush by adding former Steelers back-back Bud Dupre to a five-year, $ 82.5 million contract. Dupree had eight bags for the Steelers in the 2020 season. The Titans pay him to help contain opposing midfielders while potentially being burned to the ground as Ravens’ Lamar Jackson did during the crucial moments of their playoff loss to Baltimore.

The defensive background showed coach Robert Saleh for his first year at Free Agency when the Jets defensively signed Carl Lawson for a three-year deal worth $ 45 million. It is the largest company completed in a free agency to date, contributing to the total contracts of $ 110.25 million.

Lawson, whose speed helped him land 5.5 sacks last season with the Bengals, on the brink of the abyss should complement the strength of third-year defensive player Quinin Williams. The Jets ranks second overall in the draft, a landing point rumored to be Houston Texas midfielder Deshawn Watson. Their list can still see the major additions.

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