The original voice of Siri appears in Persona 5 Strikers

The original voice of Siri appears in Persona 5 Strikers

If you spent the day playing Persona 5 Strikers And you noticed that the voice of the in-game digital assistant sounded familiar, it was likely triggered by Siri’s original voice (Across Kotaku). Susan Bennett originally provided the voice of Apple’s digital assistant, and now plays EMMA, the in-game AI.

You can hear her voice in the role shown in the video below, around the 9:44 mark.

If you ask your iPhone for directions to the nearest campsite, you may notice that its response isn’t quite the game. This is because, while Bennett was the original voice of Siri when it debuted with the iPhone 4S running iOS 5 (even though Siri technically had Bennett’s voice before it was added to the iPhone), It was replaced by the launch of iOS 7.

Typeform Interviewed Bennett About how Siri’s voice came to be, and it includes a lot of audio recordings from them, which you can compare to her work on Attackers. You can also watch Apple ad introducing Siri on the iPhone 4S Learn what Siri would look like at the time if the current iteration of those memories was overlooked.

This is the kind of extra mile we like to see game developers go for it. “We need someone to operate the voice assistant In the English version of the game. What about the person who played the lead voice assistants? If you want to try it yourself, Persona 5 Strikers Released today on PlayStation, Steam, and Switch.

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