The Nintendo boss said it’s important to respect fans’ memories when creating more content for Nintendo characters

The Nintendo boss said it's important to respect fans' memories when creating more content for Nintendo characters

The reason for F-Zero is because Miyamoto can’t figure out what to do when Mario Kart 8 specifically takes on the role of F-Zero with the additions of anti-gravity and 200cc to 8. F-Zero needs a restart / gimmick to separate from Mario Kart 8 .

Star Fox has long been disrupted by the franchise’s derailment from Star Fox Adventures and beyond. Nintendo attempted to remake Star Fox 64 and restart Star Fox 64 only to fail to revive the series (the latter only failed because the Wii U and hardcore gamers refuse to leave the comfort zones). Ubisoft’s use of Star Fox couldn’t do anything. Star Fox is pretty much dead. Perhaps in 30 years, Nintendo could try again to restart the series (Nintendo will re-release Star Fox 1, 2, and 64 times after a while in the meantime).

The main reason why Kid Icarus is because no one is available, and if anyone is available, nobody will make a successful bid for the new Kid Icarus game. Sakurai has temporarily revived the KI franchise, but he doesn’t want to return to that franchise. Uprising has been selling well, but has been criticized for the controls and Nintendo may feel like relaunching Uprising on a newer platform with better controls and better balance in team play wouldn’t be the answer to reviving interest in Kid Icarus.

All other secondary IPs are those IPs that only met expectations, or fell short. Some new Nintendo IP addresses from the 3DS era are missing in action for the Switch. Mallo and Pushmo haven’t been seen since the Wii U / 3DS. Sakura Samurai hasn’t had a new game since the 3DS. There are many other examples.

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If he didn’t buy one of these minor titles, Nintendo would have no choice but to create the games Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, and Smash Bros. (With an occasional Pokemon received from The Pokemon Company). Yes, that means buying games you don’t want like Paper Mario: Origami King and Star Fox Zero (Wii U).

By not buying minigames and games that change the formula or have funky controls, you are seeing Nintendo in a third-party production role they are doing now (after all, people have always wished Nintendo went to a third party and we now see it in a production frenzy) A third-party game with a handful of games outside of Nintendo’s AAA core games).

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