The new correction from Valheim makes stealth better

The new correction from Valheim makes stealth better

Valhaim It is a Viking sandbox survival game That are currently detonated steam, Has sold 1 million copies since then Launch early. On Wednesday, the developer Iron Gate Rolling out an update that makes some things more manageable.

The two biggest changes players have to know have to do with stealth and death. Stealth now has a HUD that shows whether or not enemies have been alerted of your presence. Stealth attacks, especially with a knife or crossbow, deal a lot of damage to enemies, so it’s good to know whether or not you can take a devastating shot. Deathsquitos, a fitting name for giant mosquito foes that are accustomed to Vikings one shot, have also been deprecated to do less damage.

Here are the full patch notes released by Iron Gate, which are simple yet add some great changes to the quality of life. It looks like players will have a harder time moving crude across the map, as well as cheating resources, so fans who rely on tricky tactics to get ahead should be aware of this new correction.

* Fix the ragdoll destroy network

* Removed ugly files tag shutdown system for dedicated server (use CTRL-C or SIGINT instead)

* Update scripts to start the reference server (please update local versions)

* World and personal save improvements

* Fix penetration of chest raw material

* Remove resource structure deception fix

* Set server mapping to server name to make it filterable in Steam Server Browser

* Translation fixes

* Added enemy awareness indicator to enemy crowds

* Disk sneaking

* Added save directory override to dedicated servers (-Savedir)

* AI fixed

* Low dose rate on mortality

* Fixed text icon

* Updated PDF server manual

* More server list improvements (removed the initial server list request to reduce network traffic)

* Vehicles are separated for simultaneous transportation

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