The man buys the hoarder’s old house and discovers cash, silver dollars and valuables

The man buys the hoarder's old house and discovers cash, silver dollars and valuables

An antique store owner in Canada discovered that a hoarder was hiding a real fortune in his possession Homepage.

Alex Archbold owns a store called Curiosity Inc. And he runs a Youtube chronicle of his buying and selling of business. It is recently Contents bought House was once the property of a music teacher, although he was apparently unaware of what was hiding inside.

Archbold didn’t know that Joan Rak’s house was hoarded until he bought the late music teacher’s house. the sun Reports. The archaeologist allegedly only knew that the house contained a grand piano.

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On Youtube, Archbold documented his journey of exploring the house, which often consisted of digging into piles of boxes and bags throughout. Some of the rooms were filled to the ceiling with bowls, some had elegant clothes, and some were full of trash.

In other rooms, Archbold found silver dollars and wallets filled with cash and bags that reportedly contained gold and diamond rings. According to The Sun, the antique dealer described the former home owner as a millionaire. He says he knew the woman before she died, but he did not know that she was hiding valuables behind her door.

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However, not all valuables were stored in conspicuous places. An expensive ring was reportedly found stuffed inside a shoe. Archbold also found some tiny silver ingots folded inside a pile of leaflets.

Archbold said he spent $ 10,000 on home contents, and has since made a big profit. After auctioning everything, he is estimated to have made around $ 400,000.

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