The Kremlin says the Russian military presence in the Arctic is “absolutely necessary”

The Kremlin says the Russian military presence in the Arctic is "absolutely necessary"
respond to CNN Peskov, who quoted satellite images showing huge Russian military build-ups in the Arctic, said, “The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces [Putin] Indeed, the Russian military presence in the Arctic is considered a very necessary component of military development. “

“The Arctic region is a very important region in the Russian Federation, it applies to our borders and our special economic zone. The economic potential is increasing from year to year, and you know that there are general plans for national development in the Arctic,” Peskov said.

Satellite images provided by space technology company Maxar to CNN detail a stark and continuing build-up of Russian military bases and devices on the country’s Arctic coast, along with likely underground storage facilities for new high-tech weapons and the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo.

This unmanned stealth torpedo is powered by a nuclear reactor and Russian designers intended it to sneak through coastal defenses – such as those in the United States – at the sea floor.

Russian equipment in the High North includes launchers, MiG31BMs, and new radar systems near the Alaskan coast.

“Nobody wants to see the Arctic as a region of militarization,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday, while speaking about reports on the strengthening of Russia’s military capabilities in the Arctic.

He said, “It is clear that we realize that the region is a vital and essential ground for the defense of our homeland, and as a potential strategic corridor between India and the Pacific and the homeland, which makes it vulnerable to expanded competition, if you will.”

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“We are committed to protecting the national security interests of the United States in the Arctic by maintaining a rule-based order in the region, particularly through our network of Arctic allies and partners who share the same common interest that we do in exactly that order,” Kirby added.

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Regarding these concerns, Peskov said, “We should not forget that America itself has never abandoned its military presence in the Arctic, nor has it ever weakened its interest in the Arctic region.”

The Russian crowds were accompanied by the movements of forces and equipment of NATO and the United States. US B-1 Lancer bombers stationed at the Norwegian Air Force Base of Orlando recently completed their missions in the eastern Barents Sea, for example. US officials acknowledged in August the presence of the US Army’s Sea Wolf stealth submarine in the area.

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