The Knicks may soon have their Big Three

The Knicks may soon have their Big Three

The scary part is that the Knicks didn’t play badly.

In fact, their offensive attack was just as good if not better than the whole season.

Julius Randall was his usual handful. Sense of rookie Emmanuel Quickley was an electrician, and his game was called “Madness and Courage” by Clippers star Paul George afterward. RJ Barrett was a strong force of 23 points.

“I loved his way of thinking,” said Kawhi Leonard, a free agent this season of Barrett. “The sky is the limit.”

He’s the Knicks possess the Big Three of Hope – ages 26, 22, and 20, respectively.

And although the Knicks went toe with the clippers for three-quarters and a half, snapping two points with 7:42 left after a wave of Quickley baskets, that wasn’t enough. Not nearly.

The Clippers Paul George and Leonard were loaded, and looked like starring material in Beating the Knicks 129-115 On a Sunday afternoon in the park.

The best team the Knicks have faced this season? Oh yeah, Randall said, who collected 27 points, 12 rebounds and five assists.

“Sure, 100 per cent, no doubt,” said Randall, who scored home, abroad and midfield to continue the All-Star campaign. “You could say they’re a championship caliber team we aspire to be. We put ourselves in place. At the end of the day, they’re really good – hats off to them.”

Serge Ibaka’s off-season addition was a gem that was overlooked and he buried the Knicks with a 3-mark and a three-point play late in the offensive rebound.

Former Nick Marcus Morris looks totally comfy as a complementary seat piece to the Clippers instead of last season’s first choice in orange and blue.

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Emmanuel Quickley Julius Randall RJ Barrett
Emmanuel Quickley Julius Randall RJ Barrett
Getty (2), AP

Morris hit a dagger with the left corner 3 in the fourth quarter Sunday, finishing with 11 points. Morris had three of the 17 Clippers 3 games likely to keep Thibodo awake throughout Sunday night after the team arrives at his former place of work, Chicago.

Is Morris, who traded on the February deadline, missing New York? Heck, no. The park is now seen as his starting point.

Morris then said he was playing for the NBA’s “best team” headed by Tyrone Law, which made the Clippers top the second best record in the NBA at 16-5.

“We have something going on,” Morris said. “I had the opportunity to show what I could do in New York. Everyone noticed that. I used that platform to get to a bigger stage. I’m here to compete for a championship. I want to be part of this team to win the Clippers First Championship as we head in that direction.”

Knicks did the right thing on Morris’ trading in February against a late first player turned Quickley, who missed another 25 points in 27 minutes off the bench on Sunday.

Quickley confronted his idol Lou Williams, shook his hand and told him so. But Quickley wasn’t afraid. In the fourth game, he grabbed an attacking rebound in the lane after filing 3 points and fired it nonetheless. He paid his respects to the Clippers afterwards.

“It takes everything to go your way,” said Quickley. They were making a lot of hard shots. ”

Don’t say that to Thibodeau, who was leading the NBA and 3-point defense. Thibudo said that the “closures were short” at all three points. He also felt that they didn’t catch the bunch of loose balls and long recoil that led to more Clipper 3s.

“It was really good offensively,” said Tibudo. “Defensively it was not what we had hoped. [Scoring] 115 points should be good enough to win.

After the match, the Knicks flew to snowy Chicago, where Tibudo did his best work in five seasons as head coach, setting a record 394-255. Tepudo lived in a tall building overlooking Lake Michigan and was the toast of the city. Fans adored him, although they couldn’t cheer him up on Monday and Wednesday for a back-to-back meeting with the Knicks.

Thibodeau is 9-12 in New York, but he has garnered huge crowd confidence. This loss was not related to training or rotation. (He called up a 17-second delay in the fourth quarter.) Pat Riley, Reid Holzman, and Jeff Van Gondy couldn’t have won the way the Clippers played.

“I spent a lot of time there and definitely enjoyed it,” said Tibudo of Chicago. “It’s a great city, great organization, great traditions. I definitely enjoyed my time in Chicago.”

With a Randle-Barrett-Quickley primary trio to work with, Thibodeau may have fun times on the road, but the Clippers have shown they are long.

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