The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is rated for Nintendo Switch devices

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is rated for Nintendo Switch devices
© Capcom

Taiwan Digital Games Evaluation Committee Recently it ranked a total of four games for the Nintendo Switch.

The first address is Great Ace Advocate Records – It is part of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series (you know, Phoenix Wright) And apparently two versions in one, according to The infamous Capcom leak dates back to last November.

Will distinguish The great ace lawyer (Known in Japan as Dai giacotin seban) And the Great Ace Advocate 2. The first appeared on the 3DS in 2015, and the second was launched in 2017. It will also be the first time that both games have been released outside of Japan.

Tales from Borderlands© 2K

The next title apparently on its way to the Nintendo Hybrid is Tales from Borderlands. This is a spin-off adventure starring Reese, Fiona and Handsome Jack. It is developed by Telltale Games and dates back to 2014.

This was the same title It was recently announced for many other platforms, But the switch hasn’t been officially confirmed yet – so stay tuned.

Secret neighbor© tinyBuild

The third is Secret neighbor. This is an online multiplayer scary version of Hello neighbors Games by tinyBuild Games. It was originally released in 2019 and follows the Hello Neighbor release on Switch in 2018.

SnowRunner© Focus Home

The last thing is the off-road vehicle game SnowRunner By Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. This version was first released in April of last year and has received a lot of positive reviews.

Are you interested in playing any of these games on your Switch, if it is officially announced for the platform? Tell us below.

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