The first Shadow and Bone promotion sparks Netflix’s next big hit

The first Shadow and Bone promotion sparks Netflix's next big hit

Netflix is ​​constantly looking for its next big hit – New Weird things or the magician. And a trailer Shadow and Bones It raises the notion that an upcoming fictional series may be next.

The first trailer for a Netflix adaptation of the series features the series’ main character, Alina, the mapmaker who has discovered that she possesses a special power that can prevent the world from being swallowed up in the threatening darkness of a terrifying sea called the Inversion.

Shadow and Bones It is the fictional series Leigh Bardugo that has engulfed our readers. The book, which introduces readers to Grisha’s world – a world inhabited by special people who practice a form of spelling work known as Little Science – has become hugely popular on sites like Tumblr and TikTok.

Fantasy, especially series that focus on teen and youth characters, is a genre that every broadcast network and network tries to control. Whether it is a file Percy Jackson Series on Disney Plus or Its dark matter On HBO, find out what the next big post-fantasy mania is-game of Thrones The world has become a race. It seems reasonable; Offers like the magician And the Weird things Very popular, fantasy worlds allow studios and networks to create entire franchises.

For example, Grisha’s world was originally made up of a trilogy – Shadow and BonesAnd the Siege and stormAnd the And the Ruin and rebirth – but he followed Crooked kingdom The series that included the popularity Six of the crows. If Shadow and Bones For Netflix, there are many other books a streaming device can mine for its potential sub-hits.

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For now, fans will at least be able to hear it Shadow and Bones Watch the adventures of Alina, Mal and Darkling. Shadow and Bones It will premiere on April 23.

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