The Double Decker Browser Tabs could be yours with Vivaldi 3.6

The Double Decker Browser Tabs could be yours with Vivaldi 3.6

Vivaldi releases version 3.6 of Vivaldi Browser with great and awesome power today: you can now Create two-level tab stacks, So grouped tabs can become fake workspaces for anything you do in your browser. Vivaldi introduced the feature for the first time As an experiment In December 2020, but now you can officially indulge in two levels of too many tabs.

Creating two-tier stacked tabs is as easy as holding down the Command or Windows key, choosing which tabs you want to be in the stack, then right-clicking and choosing “New Tab Package” from the dropdown menu. You can also achieve the same effect by dragging one tab over another. Clicking on the newly configured tab stack (indicated by a white outline) shows the second row of tabs inside. Tab packages can be renamed and closed at once from the right-click dropdown list as well.

Two copies of Vivaldi from Stacked Tabs.
Photo: Vivaldi

With a two-tiered tab stack, each group can function as a visually distinct workspace despite the many browser-based projects you may have at one time. It can be a way to distract the tabs in your window while keeping the tabs tidy and preventing you from losing the page when you really need it. Or it could be just another way to store more tabs.

Vivaldi also lets you place tabs on the sides and bottom of the browser window, and the new two-level tab feature works in those directions as well.

Chromium-based Vivaldi Browser was Angled towards energy users Since its inception. It’s highly customizable, full of features, and She looks pretty cool when it comes to privacy. The browser has been launched With tab compilation in 2016, Something Google Chrome didn’t start Rolling out until 2020. And if you like tree-shaped tabs, which can “fork” and overlap with other tabs, Vivaldi has these too.

For more information on all of Vivaldi’s tab-focused features You can head here. If you want to try Vivaldi on your own, you can download the browser from Vivaldi website.

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