The crazy 3-point boom pushed into the Austin Knicks

The crazy 3-point boom pushed into the Austin Knicks

Austin Rivers became the Knicks’ Mariano Rivera – the elite closest with ice water in his veins.

There is no safe lead against these Knicks. And rivers.

Two days after climbing from 15 points in Atlanta, the Knicks came home and came back from an 18-point hole to knock out Jazz, 112-100, in The empty garden More late-night glamor in Rivers Quarter.

In his first game as Nick in the Park, Doc Rivers’ son scored 14 straight points down the span that included four consecutive three-pointers and a buoy as the shot clock approached.

The Knicks moved to 5-3 after winning the fifth game in six matches. It’s their best record after eight matches since the magical 2012-13 season.

Rivers finished with 23 points in 9 out of 14 shootings. Rivers was hot in the fourth quarters of the last three games after missing all pre-season and first five games of the season with a thigh strain.

“I like this stage,” said Rivers. “I know every player says it when they come here, but I really do. I thrive on it. You have to be OK to miss a shot, which results in a wrong run. If the ball is in your hands at the end of the game, you don’t have to worry about it.” The boxes and notifications. You have to trust yourself and live with the result. “

Austin Rivers puts the jump during the Knicks 112-100 win over Jazz.
Austin Rivers puts the jump during the Knicks 112-100 win over Jazz.
NBAE via Getty Images

Coach Tom Thibaudeau said he watched Rivers grow up as an assistant coach under Doc Rivers when Austin was in high school. So this crazy frenzy doesn’t shock Thibaudo.

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“I’ll tell you one thing,” Tibudo said. “He never lacked confidence.”

Thibaudeau stated that Rivers will attend the Celtics training during the 2007-08 title season.

“He wanted to play with them singles, including Kevin Garnett,” said Teibodo. Rivers wanted to play [Kevin]. Austin really thought he could beat it. ”

“In my crazy mind, I thought I was better than them at the time,” Rivers assured.

Nothing is crazier than Julius Randall’s start. Continuing his all-star season, Randall looked exhausted in the first half before leading the attack and scoring another 39 minutes as the Knicks lost up front. He scored 30 points, 16 rebounds and seven assists.

“It’s fun, to be honest,” Randall said. “It’s a pity we can’t have fans here to try this team. It’s amazing the growth of this team. The fans will be here soon. We’ve all signed up for rocking garden.”

Rivers, who played the past two seasons with the Rockets and before that with the Clippers, knows how the winning team feels. He feels it here despite losing seven consecutive seasons.

“I’ve been in bad teams before and that’s not one,” said Rivers. “I promise you that. I don’t know where we’re going to end. But I know the spirit is there, the desire to work and learn is different. The training is different. This is not the Knicks team you were covering. We have something completely different here.”

Randall and Rivers got a lot of help. Goalkeeper Reggie Bullock, a match-time decision with a knee injury, kicked off 12 points, scoring 5 of 8 shots and making a ravishment in grabbing a loose ball in midfield in the last two minutes.

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Point keeper Elfrid Payton reached the paintwork and added 22 points and eight assists, Mitchell Robinson added nine points, and drew 13 boards with three steals and three blocks.

Payton and Rivers were in the lead with rising star Emmanuel Quikley sitting on the sidelines.

Randall said, “He’s very confident, he’s hugely big shots across the stretch.” I’m so happy for him. I want him to keep playing with that energy and confidence. It was amazing. ”

“There was no panic,” said Rivers. “ We just talked about stalking them and everyone is starting to have fun. ”

It wasn’t fun for Randall, who made three offensive mistakes in the first half and started 3 out of 10 before making a strong comeback in the third quarter.

“It’s our engine,” said Teibudo. “It tells you how important it is to be in good shape. To win games late, you have to be in good shape.”

After 34-19, the spinless third quarter brought the Knicks back from their slow start as they advanced 78-75 in recovering all the way from the 18-point hole.

To finish the third quarter, the Knicks introduced two defensive games that resulted in transition hoops. Kevin Knox scored a rare block, leading to a fast-breaking corner kick to give the Knicks their first lead since early in the first quarter.

Then Rivers began his great night. Striking the ball away from Utah’s Joe Ingles, RJ Barrett fired a dungeon for a separatist in the final seconds of the quarter, capping 8-0.

Then Rivers, who signed a three-year deal worth $ 10 million but with only a first season guarantee, became the perfect player in the fourth quarter. one more time.

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“He always finds a way to work on his own in rotation and basic lineup,” said Tibudo. “A big part of the modern NBA [point guards] It is the ability to play ball and defend. He checks all three of these boxes.

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