The “catastrophic” fourth quarter in the New Orleans Pelicans leads to a historic collapse opposite the Phoenix Suns

The "catastrophic" fourth quarter in the New Orleans Pelicans leads to a historic collapse opposite the Phoenix Suns

New Orleans – For three-quarters of a Friday night, things were going the way New Orleans Pelicans vs. the Phoenix Suns.

The Pelicans were 11 points ahead in the fourth quarter, and their attack was hammering 102 points in the first 36 minutes. But the games are 48 minutes long. And the last one was definitely the one the swans would like to forget soon.

The lead evaporated in four minutes. Then, after four minutes had passed, the sun had risen in two numbers. When the final trumpet is ringed, Suns ejaculated off the field with a 132–114 victory, as the Pelicans headed into the locker room in a daze, trying to find out what had just happened.

According to research by Elias Sports Bureau, the 18-point defeat was the largest in the NBA in the shot clock era (since 1954-55) for a team entering the fourth quarter in double digits.

so what happened?

“I saw Chris Paul Take control of the basketball game “Swans Forward.” Brandon Ingram She said.

Paul finished with 15 points and 19 assists and was a plus 28 in the fourth quarter – and he didn’t even play 10 minutes. The veteran base helped the Suns take control and never looked back.

“A man is coordinating there. He knows what’s happening on the ground before it happens,” said the Suns guard Devin Booker She said. “With him, the game is never far fetched. The game never ends until the trumpet sounds. He did a good job at driving us, keeping us cool throughout the match.

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“In that fourth quarter, it’s a work of art. The way he was characterizing their defense and doing plays to others and at the same time recording when he had to.”

Paul was apparently three steps ahead of everything the Pelicans wanted to do in the fourth quarter. Falling down by a 3 on the Pelican Guard Lonzo Paul Leaving 4:41 as a dagger to drive New Orleans away. He ran back to court with his teammates who had been chasing after him, as Pelicans coach Stan Van Gondy called out to try to save something in the final minutes.

However, contrary to what social media suggested at the moment, Paul did not shout “I own this place.”

“I said I knew this place, and I knew it,” said Paul, who played for New Orleans for the first six seasons of his career. “I know that. I know. I spent some of the best years of my life playing here in New Orleans.”

While the Suns was figuring out a way to achieve victory, the Pelicans were left trying to figure out how they let the game slip by.

“Once we are in the game, I think we don’t stop being frustrated at the end of the attack,” Paul said. “When I saw them hitting 3s in a row, we didn’t get any ball movement or good shots over the course of the fourth quarter. It got worse and worse.”

Aside from a barrage of three-pointers the Phoenix was sending through New Orleans, the Pelicans were choppy with basketball, too. After committing only seven turnovers in the first three quarters, the Pelicans coughed six times in the first six minutes, resulting in 12 Phoenix points.

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It’s a problem that plagues New Orleans this season. With a loss on Friday, New Orleans has dropped to 12-9 this season in double-digit top-ups. This is the largest number of losses after topping double figures in the NBA this season, according to ESPN Statistics and Information Research.

“The thing is, when chaos happens, we have to think about how to settle,” Ingram said. “We must be able to adapt during the match.

“Whatever the defensive scheme, and whatever we want to do at the end of the attack to make our team a better team, that’s what we need to do. After these losses, it’s frustrating. We don’t have much to say. The coaches don’t have much to say. Just look at them.” Movie and trying to be better tomorrow. “

Van Gondi said he didn’t think his team’s problem was related to the age.

“A lot of the teams in this league have a quarter like this,” Van Gondi said. “I will never throw the youth card there. We are a basketball team with really talented people, and we didn’t get the job done in the fourth quarter.”

But he called it “the disastrous neighborhood.” And it was so. The minus 29 point difference was the largest for Pelicans of any quarter in the franchise’s history.

“They hit us with the hay maker at the end, and then it doubled in size,” Van Gunde added.

Swans to the front Zion Williamson He said there was only one way to deal with a loss like this.

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“Really the thing for us is to learn from it,” said the 20-year-old. “Honestly, I think that’s the best thing we can do. Learn from it.”

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