‘The ball is gone’: Patrick Reed argues over new rules at Open Insurance Farmers | Golf

Patrick Reed was involved in another rule controversy Saturday at the Farmers’ Insurance Open in Torrie Pines.

In the fourth game, Reid fired a 190-yard shot from a bunker with a TV replay showing the ball bouncing once before settling into Raw. Believing the ball did not rebound, Reid picked it up to see if it was included before the rules official arrived. Reed told the official that no one in his group saw him, as well as a volunteer close to him, as she bounced back.

Reed got a free drop and saved equality. He captured four of the following holes before making Birdieing # 18 for two people under 70 and a share of the lead with Ortiz at 10 below. Ortiz got 66 in the south court.

In December 2019, at the World Champion Tiger Woods Challenge in the Bahamas, Reed was punished with two lashes For his appearance to improve deliberately lie in a vault.

“Obviously it’s an unfortunate situation, but at the end of the day when you’re done with the tour and the baseman comes to you and has the video and shows everything that got into the whole group and says you did it,” Reid said after Saturday’s tour, “I did it exactly the right way, the protocols were You did exist, at that point, you know, I feel good about it. “

“The ball just disappeared.” Said Reed, who added that one of the volunteers nearby told him he hadn’t picked up. “I looked at my group and said, ‘Guys, you didn’t see it bounce it either, so I’m going to mark this ball and see if it’s included.’

“Once I marked it, the first thing I wanted to do was make sure that the ball was taken out of my hand because you didn’t want to clean it or anything because you don’t know if it was included yet. When I put my finger there and it felt like the ground was broken, the first thing What you do is contact the official rules … the rules official said, “Yeah, this ball broke the plane.”

The ground was smooth due to rain on Thursday night and during the second round on Friday, when play was suspended for about an hour due to a storm.

“At that point, we are following what the rules official said and also with what we see volunteers and what we see,” said Reid. “When we’re there, we can’t see everything and when it happens, you have to go along with what the volunteers say and what the officials say, and when everything comes along, we feel like we did the right thing and the rules official said we did absolutely perfect.”

PGA Tour rules official Ken Tackett said Reid “did all the things we ask him to do for a player. It’s obviously tough and you can guess again when watching the video; soft conditions, there are a lot of variants.”

The competition It wraps up on Sunday.

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