The Apex Legends maintenance will briefly bring the game back to Season 0

The Apex Legends maintenance will briefly bring the game back to Season 0

Apex Legends has announced upcoming server maintenance where, instead of completely shutting down the game for the duration, Apex will be reset temporarily to the state that is essentially Season 0. During maintenance, players may lose access to their inventory, store, cosmetics, and only default characters will be available.

While the crew of Apex Legends grew to 16 characters throughout the year Eight seasons, The game initially launched pre-season, or Season 0, with only eight characters – six of them were free to play and two required to unlock Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. It is unclear whether the “virtual” playable characters include the entire pre-season cast of eight, or only the six legends who do not need to be unlocked.

Maintenance will take place between 2:30 AM PDT and ending at 5:30 AM PDT on February 25th, giving players a chance to experience the game like it hasn’t since early 2019. Apex typically doesn’t have that kind of maintenance schedule, Which leads players to hope that it might finally address some of the server issues that have been going on since the game launched, but are particularly bad recently.

Other players in prof Reddit thread About maintenance, he commented on the limited gameplay that would be available during the hiatus, with some hoping that it might lead to an Apex offering for a suitable LTM where only the game’s original characters can be played.

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