The Android Beta Feedback app was updated prior to the Android 12 DP release

The Android Beta Feedback app was updated prior to the Android 12 DP release

In a sign that Google intends to follow the rhythm of early release last year to preview the next version of its mobile operating system, the Android Beta Feedback app was updated via the Play Store Thursday for Android 12.

With Android 10 / Q In 2019, Google has made the Android Beta Feedback app available so that users can report bugs without having to visit a bug tracking website. Automatically appears when installing developer preview / beta, with customer also using last year.

Google asks you to uninstall the app after this year’s preview program ends. Users who kept it on their devices were welcomed with an update on February 4 to version 2.15-betterbug.external_20201211_RC02 – previously 2.11.

The Notes app is not currently usable and does not explicitly allude to Android 12 Developer Preview / Beta. However, this is a good indication that it will launch soon and will most likely be available a month from now. Android 11 DP for last year It was noticeable to start in February rather than March.

Thank you for participating in the Android Beta Program. The program has ended and at this time we are no longer accepting comments via the app.

It is also assumed that Google has updated it with new features to improve the comment process, but this is not apparent because the corresponding issue tracker has not yet been published.

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