Terraria Stadia has been canceled after Google disabled the dev account

Terraria Stadia has been canceled after Google disabled the dev account

CEO of Terraria Developers ReLogic say they are discontinuing the planned release of Stadia, after Google disabled his account without explanation and was unable to restore it. Andrew Spinks got tired of them, and said publicly, “I wouldn’t be involved in a company that doesn’t value its clients and partners very much.” goodness me.

Stadia relase’s rating plate rankings listings from the craft-o-fight sandbox game appeared only a few days ago, and are now deprecated before it was officially announced.

Andrew Spinks complained On Twitter Yesterday that his Google account has been disabled for more than three weeks. He said, “I still don’t know why, and after using every resource I had to solve this problem, you did nothing but give me the solution.” So not only did he lose the Gmail address he had been using for 15 years, he says, but all his data on Google Drive and thousands of dollars in purchases on the Android App Store were also gone. He’s not the best that pleases him:

He concluded by saying, “I will not participate in a company that values ​​its customers and partners very little.” “Dealing with you is a responsibility.” Off.

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Re-Logic provided more details about the schedule in a statement To the source of Stadia. “The effect is physical in nature – this has been demonstrated to Google time and time again,” they said. They have also noticed that this does not affect the Android version of Terraria.

Lots of bad news for Stadia lately. Google announced last week that it was Close two development studios They unlocked it to create Stadia games. Sure enough, the last doomed attempt to get cloud gaming playable is already doomed to failure.

Terraria is one of the best Survival gameshe is telling us. Final and final update It was launched on the PC in October.

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