Talking Point: So, what opportunities will we see in the new Nintendo Switch release in 2021?

Talking Point: So, what opportunities will we see in the new Nintendo Switch release in 2021?

What is that? Did someone say “Switch Pro”? Oooh, “New Nintendo Switch”, right? An even more powerful variant with 4K resolution Deep learning for super-sampling? 60 frames per second? Carbon fiber design? Switch the Swiss Army? …

Not long after the Switch was launched in 2017, rumors about a hardware review began to circulate. You name it, it was suggested by someone, and although we did our best to follow our noses and document a credible scuttlebutt regarding a possible revised model of the handheld Nintendo hybrid, sorting out wild speculation from established, evidence-based theories can be tricky. When Nintendo is full of surprises.

The handheld-only version of Switch Lite in 2019 has shed some light SoC review rumorsBut even that surprised some of the onlookers. A key does not change !? This is the stupidest idea ever! Oh, wait …

Nintendo clearly has it Something In the pipeline, though, whether that be ‘Pro’ switch Or the New Nintendo Switch. Current console it has It overrides many old systems In terms of sales and even surpasses the mighty Wii at the time of writing, Nintendo will want to maintain that pace.

But will we see a new model this year? OK, Analysts seem to think soBut some of them were expecting an upgrade two years ago. As for the NL team, opinion is divided. Below we provide some of the points we’ve discussed, and at the bottom is a survey – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

So, let’s take a look at the Switch pros and cons of a potential review of the Switch hardware sometime in 2021. We start with the arguments against …

Not possible!

Nintendo knocks well with these two, thank you very much.
Nintendo knocks well with these two, thank you very much.

The naysayers among us think – quite reasonably – that the drive to introduce a new Switch model this year is not there while the regular version is being sold by truckload. Simply, Nintendo doesn’t do that need to A new console to grab attention and whatever it’s on Do you It will likely break up sales of the existing model.

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It’s an old dilemma for successful hardware manufacturers: When is the best time to sacrifice the golden goose and invest in the future?

If the “old” model continues to sell like hot cakes, there is absolutely no reason to rush into the market

Looking at the events of the past year, it’s possible that whatever Nintendo plans have been shifting back to several months, if not due to production issues, then by reassessing the release schedule after the unexpected sales surge fueling it. Yeah, Business is booming And the new console (at least more powerful) really needs a new game or two to display; a Zelda Or prof Metroid Prime 4For example. If they’re not ready yet, and if the “old” continues to sell like hot cakes, there’s absolutely no reason to rush into the flashy market.

On the topic of those switches flying off store shelves right now, all those millions of people who have chosen a new console – maybe One illustrious monster hunter Or that The Super Mario number is in red and blue He might not be very happy if after a month there had been a shiny new variety that could have been purchased instead.

No, even if Nintendo originally planned to release a new key this year, there is no risk of disrupting the sales momentum they have started now.

Instead of that…

Yes way!

The shiny new tech is fine, especially if it's chrome plated and has some light and interesting neon.
The shiny new tech is fine, especially if it’s chrome plated and has some light and interesting neon. (Image: Nvidia)

As seen with Nintendo Decades long history of hardware reviews, A humble upgrade can work wonders by introducing modifications and enhancements that give enthusiastic fans an opportunity to buy something new – sometimes multiple times – without abandoning the hard-earned customer base that is still buying. Animal crossings And thy Mario Kart 8s. It’s this thinking that created the Nintendo DS and 3DS family of systems, and we’ve already had the first addition to the Switch dynasty with the Switch Lite.

A modest upgrade can work wonders by introducing modifications and improvements that give enthusiastic fans a chance to buy something new – sometimes multiple times – without giving up on their hard-earned customer base.

If we look back at the timeline of the 3DS specifically, the XL variant arrived about eighteen months after the original release, and the new 3DS launched three and a half years later. Switch launched in March 2017, Switch Lite arrived eighteen months later in September 2019 and the original console will be four years old in two months. Obviously, we’re not quite comparing like the proverb here thanks to the Switch’s hybrid nature, but it’s hard to say that the beloved launch models chosen by early adopters look a little tired and dog-eared these days. The archetype is due to the fir, and something more comprehensive than ‘Silent’ internal review.

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And as far as not wanting to kill the momentum of the current model, Nintendo has been in the game long enough to know you’re hitting while the iron is hot! You raise flames higher, give people a second to catch their breath and then hit the dial until 11! You have to keep that ball rolling! Surrender because of Everything is going well and great Not the way to keep growing in the video game … the game.

Hot irons, rolling balls – all on board a mixed metaphor: Next stop, Switch Pro! You see, we’ve dropped a train there now, too.

And who exactly are these millions of new Switch owners who would go crazy if a new model emerged? This is how the cookie crumbles half a step, we are afraid; It’s the same with any frequent upgrade in the tech world. For die-hard Nintendo fans, yeah, Of course It would be disappointing to spend money on the console just to get a new model popping up a few weeks later, but those avid fans will long ago buy the Switch and likely be advocates of the Pro model. None of the self-respecting Apple enthusiasts will buy a new iPhone at the end of August, right? Early adopters are hungry for the new flavor, and casual players will happily play the original or the lighter variants.

Yep, mark our words, sometime this year – October or November, we’ll bet – there will be a new key on the block. Likely.

Nintendo Switch© Nintendo

For the record, Nintendo mentioned it Not planning to release a new switch model “anytime soon”, Although this time last year they specified that no new model would be launched “in 2020”. Given how keen they are with this type of language, it is no exaggeration to conclude that they have planned something for the latter half of the year. This isn’t “any time soon”, is it?

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Either way, it’s clear from all the rumors that there is an appetite for a mid-cycle refresh. We asked you last year What features do you want to see in Switch ‘Pro’Among nearly 20,000 votes, the “more powerful CPU” tops the list (followed by “higher resolution” and “thinner bezels” around the screen). Desire is there then; Nintendo just needs to know how to tap into fan hunger for something new in a way that adds to its existing sales momentum.

That, and he’ll need a nice name. ‘Pro’, ‘New’ – It has been done. How about a “Nintendo Switch”? “Fill”? ‘Switch in’ …

Quickly, let’s get to the poll before it gets worse:

Let us know your thoughts on the possibility of a new Switch model this year in the usual place.

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