Taiwanese horror game Devotion is back on sale after the Steam and GOG controversy

Taiwanese horror game Devotion is back on sale after the Steam and GOG controversy

Red Candle Games, a Taiwanese studio that was a first-person horror game Loyalty Unavailable for purchase after the controversy over a reference to Chinese Premier Xi Jinping, he has put his toys for sale on his own online store. Loyalty And the first studio game detention Be Available for purchase now Without DRM.

Loyalty I was It has been pulled from Steam Shortly after its launch in February 2019. The game was widely praised for its ambiance and originality, but sparked controversy and negative user comments after users noticed an in-game poster that, roughly speaking, read, “Xi Jinping Winnie-the-Pooh imbecile.” Xi is compared in shape. Popular with Winnie the Pooh in online memes, which often counter the wrath of Chinese internet censors.

At the time, Red Candle Games said it would remove Loyalty For technical and quality assurance reasons, he will also “review our game materials again to ensure that no other unintended material is included in them.” The game never returned to Steam, and Red Candle Games later apologized for its “gross material mistake”.

Loyalty It attracted new controversy in December 2020 when CD Projekt Red storefront backed GOG from an agreement to sell the game. Hours after its announcement. “After receiving many messages from the players, we decided not to list the game in our store,” read a statement from the store. “This is a difficult dilemma to overcome, but we will not stop fighting,” Red Candle Games said in response.

With developer selling now Loyalty For PC and Mac computers on their own terms, game availability should be guaranteed at the moment. The studio says in prof. “We hope to provide a simple and direct purchase channel for players interested in our games.” tweet. It is not immediately clear if the Xi signal is removed.

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