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Justice League Zack Snyder Finally available to watch on HBO Max, and while it appears to be impossible for Snyder to complete his larger vision for a planned five-movie arc that would have included man of SteelAnd the Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeAnd the Justice SquadAnd the Justice League 2, And the Justice League 3This does not prevent people from asking the director about his plans for what was going to happen in those clips.

And holy cow, does Snyder have a whirlpool of the plan that’s been set for her? Justice League 3.

Warning: the following contains Spoilers about Justice League Zack Snyder.

Some background necessary

Knightmare’s infamous sequence for this movie features a bunch of tough, unexpected companions roaming a post-apocalyptic wasteland: Batman, Jared Leto the Joker, Deathstroke, Flash, Mera, and Cyborg. On the edge of civilization, the group faces face-to-face with a villainous Superman who is under the control of super villain Darkseid thanks to the Anti-Life equation – then Bruce Wayne wakes up. Everything else was a dream … but also a look at a possible future.

“Darkseid is coming to Earth,” Snyder explained to Vanity Fair how the story would have ended. “Superman says to Batman,” Lewis’ ranger. This is a war between me and Darkseid. If you can help me as a friend, keep Lewis safe. Lex tells Darkseid that the key to Superman’s weaknesses is to kill Lois Lane. For whatever reason, Batman failed. Darkseid returns and kills Louis. Batman fails, hesitates. They were in an argument. ”That’s when Darkseid uses the anti-life equation to control Superman’s mind.

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Snyder had already talked about how Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane wanted to have an affair while Superman was dead, but the studio didn’t let him go through that subplot. If he had his way, Justice League 2 It would have appeared that the post-apocalyptic team would go back in time to prevent Lewis’ death, and Batman would sacrifice his life to save her and the rest of the reality.

When Batman’s sacrifice changes the schedule, “Superman No Snyder said. Next, Aquaman leads Atlantis’ forces, Diana leads Themyscira, Superman and Flash lead [humans] Against Darkseid in a gigantic war. “

Snyder Bonkers’ plan for a new Batman

These are all pretty mega stuff, but it pales in comparison to what might be the biggest revelation of this entire series of five films: the new Batman Identity.

If you watch Justice League Zack Snyder And I thought to yourself, “Wait a second, what about the scene where Lewis opens the stairs and has a pregnancy test? Why wasn’t that paid off in the story?” Turns out, that was just the first hint in the bigger revelation of who was wearing the mantle and cowl on a timeline that didn’t Batman promises it.

“He will be the son of Lewis and Superman,” said Snyder. Vanity Fair. “He has no powers, after which he will end up becoming the new Batman. Twenty years later, in memory of [Batman’s] Dying, they take young Bruce Kent to the Batcav Cave and say, “Your Uncle Bruce would have been proud if you had done this.”

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Stop. The mind revolves around the implications here, and it looks like this will be the end of this entire arc, so we wouldn’t have seen any of the adventures of this version of Batman. Would this Bruce Kent have superpowers like the Kryptonian offspring? Could Batman have thermal vision and an iceberg and fly unaided? Snyder’s idea is likely to be mocked by purists here, but I have to say … I kind of like it. It’s definitely a big swing, but it looks quite in tune with his style of these characters, which is the kind of decision the studio might never have allowed. I might not like every aspect of Snyder’s DC movies, but that? I would definitely have been on board with this crazy move like this one.

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