Superman and Louis Cast flirt with the dream team squad

Superman and Louis Cast flirt with the dream team squad

The Superman & Lois team recently shared the superheroes they will add to their character’s dream team in a new Arrowverse fan feature.

Cast Superman and Lewis She revealed which DC superheroes the Arrowverse will collaborate with in “Dream Team,” the crime-fighting lineup.

Series star Tyler Huchlin (Clark Kent / Superman) begins the clip with a question, “Would you like to put the follow-up team up?” Alex Garvin (Jordan Kent), chooses Super girlGreen Martian (David Harwood) and Lois Lynn (Elizabeth Tulloch) for his team. “I think that’s going to be a really interesting team.” “This thing kind of happens on crossovers all the time,” Garfin added.

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Toulouche adds, “I hope Lois has some interaction with Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) at some point.” The actress also revealed that she has “high hopes for Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) to take part in our show.”

Hoechlin, He finally agrees with his other on-screen son, Jordan Elsas (Jonathan Kent) that he would like to see Team Superman and Batman, noting, “I like a little, maybe two-faced, a little bit of the Joker movement.”

Tullock previously shared that she thought it was Cast as Lewis Lane In 2018 because she portrayed the character more “cheerfully”. She added, “They’ve been reading a lot of other actresses that I have gotten to know. I kind of felt, after I did it once, that I was doing something very different from the other actors. And the choice I made was just having fun I think based on some comments made.” I received it in the room, a lot of women were reading this scene more seriously because, on paper, the scene was serious. “

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The pilot episode of Superman and Lewis The Man of Steel will find his wife, journalist Lois Lane, returning to Smallville to focus on raising their teenage sons Jonathan and Jordan. On their return to Smallville, Clark and Lewis are reunited with the local loan officer – and Clark’s first love – Lana Lange (Emmanuel my partner) and her husband, Fire Chief Kyle Cushing (Eric Valdez). The episode was directed by Lee Toland Krieger.

Before the series premiered on The CW on February 23, Superman and Lewis He got 89% On Rotten Tomatoes. The pilot episode will be followed by a special half-hour episode called “Superman and Lewis: A Legacy of Hope, Which will feature interviews with cast and crew and a sneak peek at what fans can expect from the show’s first season.

Superman and Lewis It stars Tyler Hochlin, Elizabeth Tolloch, Dylan Walsh, Alex Garvin, Jordan Elsace, Emmanuel Charekhi, Andy Navarett and Wolly Parks. The series premieres Tuesday February 23 at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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