Stardew Valley’s big local collaborative update has arrived in consoles

Stardew Valley's big local collaborative update has arrived in consoles

Stardo Valley1.5 update Much happier of us when it launched for PC in DecemberAnd now it’s finally here for consoles. Game developer Advertise on Twitter That the update should be released to Switch, Xbox and PlayStation “within the next two hours”. As of this writing, it is already available on the Nintendo Switch.

The most noticeable feature of the update is local co-op split-screen play, which looks quite perfect for consoles. Do I want to sit next to someone I love on the sofa and build a farm together? Sure, yes, and now we can.

The update also includes a new advanced options menu, new buildings, animals, enemies, and of course a host of bug fixes.

The complete changelog is available at Stardo ValleyWebsite ofAnd, you can see it for yourself to see what changes spice you up – we’re excited about the chairs you can actually sit in, a menu tab that tells you if you’ve spoken to someone in the game that day, new territory with its quest and its own characters.

When we first covered this update, we called Stardo Valley “Our game is forever”, because many of us come back to playing it every time it’s updated. Despite the popularity of the game (More than 10 million copies have been sold), It still feels like a very personal project – just like my in-game farm, although I admit that this is Slightly Less impressive.

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