Spoiled the promising Knicks debut of Derek Rose in the final seconds

Spoiled the promising Knicks debut of Derek Rose in the final seconds

Trade looked good. But not enough.

Did not yield a victory, But Derek Rose squeezed the second unit of the Knicks In his Tuesday debut, he is playing alongside rising goalkeeper Emmanuel Quickley in the backcourt.

But coach Tom Thibaudeau chose not to conclude with Rose and the Knicks suffered a painful 98-96 defeat at American Airlines Stadium in Miami.

Rose made his debut for the Knicks for the first time on his second Knicks mission as a huge success as he scored 14 points with three assists in 20 minutes. Rose also scored a block and steal after not practicing much with his new club. Shoot 5 of 9 – 2 of 3 from a 3-point range.

Trailing 98-96, the Knicks had one final moment but RJ Barrett was unable to convert a corner kick in the final seconds, even though he looked like he was taking a step ahead of super defender Jimmy Butler.

Barrett said, “I thought I looked really good – throwing the ball into my strong hand.” “I just have to finish these.”

Nicks still had to get the chemistry right in the wake of Rose’s trade with the Pistons. They led 82-76 after three quarters but were unable to block Hit.

It wasn’t Rose’s fault, although he was a bit weak early in the fourth quarter, preventing his spin and an ill-advised shot. That prompted Thibodeau to use starting point keeper Elfrid Payton to close, despite Quickley entering the last minute.

When asked why he didn’t turn off with Rose, Thibaudeau said, “He just got here today. So we’re still working our way through things. I just felt like we needed people who knew what we’re doing. I didn’t want to put him in a situation like this.”

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For his part, Rose, who is happy to be back with Teibodo, said he wasn’t completely happy with his performance due to his mistakes at the start of the fourth quarter.

The Knicks fell on Derek Rose's comeback tonight.
The Knicks fell on Derek Rose’s comeback tonight.
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“To tell you the truth, I am a perfectionist,” Rose said. “I think about the transitions I made in the fourth. It’s bad, but we have room to grow and I remind myself that it’s the first game. I know I’m a winner. That’s why I lose this game.”

Quickley’s minutes were not affected as expected, but his shot was. It was only 1 in 8 from field before hitting a major buoy with 40 seconds remaining to lower the deficit to a certain point.

The odd man was as expected was Austin Rivers, who did not play but managed to illegally walk into the field to chat with Butler before major free throws in the last 10 seconds.

Julius Randall, coincidentally or not, had never entered the all-star groove, as he fired 4 of 18 to 12 points in his worst game of the season.

Barrett (13 points), who missed the bench in the previous game against Miami, did not have a particularly good match despite having a chance to be the champion of the last second.

He still thinks adding Rose would make the Knicks even better.

“He brought great energy,” said Barrett. “He was really giving plays for the team. He brought a lot of leadership and he was talking to all of us about the match. It’s something that we really appreciate. It’s great to have a guy like that on our team.”

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It was a 94-94 tiebreaker when Randall shot 18 feet open from the top that hit the back iron. Miami-based NBA champion Tyler Hero blown a triple pointer with a 1:04 left. After the Quickley basket, Randle drove and lost an unbalanced jump from the right side six seconds earlier.

Payton also played well, netting 18 points with four assists, and his job appears to be safe.

Nicks, who lost both ends of the house and home to drop to 11-15, will have to dilute the chemistry.

Rose and Kickley entered the match tandem with a 3:27 left in the first quarter. By dropping eight points, the duo went to work very quickly and helped out 25-5.

Thibodeau liked the entire second unit.

“I think you see it often when you have multi-point guards on the ground, it gives you another ball processor and a secondary ball processor and you can include you [Burks]Tibudo said. “Their versatility allows them to really blend in with both groups. So I think we’ll see some of that as we go forward as well.”

Away from the bat, I found Rose Quickley for a 3. Indicator. Quickley found Rose for a 3. Indicator. Rose stole then led the baseline and made a dramatic pass to Birx for a three-angle indicator. Then rookie Rose hit Obi Tobin from the pick-and-roll slam game.

In the first 7:13 for Rose and Quickley as a back-up, they were a plus 20.

The Quintet Rose-Quikley-Burks-Tobin-Nearlence Noel quintet impressed the Knicks coach.

“I think the bench played really well,” said Tibudo. Obi, fast. I thought the whole group played really well together. It really got us moving forward.

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Prior to the match, Tibudo stunned Rose, describing him as still an “elite” player, adding, “He is telling me this is as healthy as it was.”

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