Solksjær blames Chelsea for a penalty kick decision

Solksjær blames Chelsea for a penalty kick decision

In one of the most hilarious, awkward, and downright embarrassing interviews at some point, the Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solksjær blamed Chelsea’s official website To influence the referees in not awarding all penalties for United, after the goalless draw between the two teams at Stamford Bridge last night.

You really should be appreciated This is entirely. No, it’s not a clip from a comedy show, I assure you. This is the reality of life.

To be clear, Ole’s theory is that referee Stuart Atwell read a passage on the Chelsea official website (which is clearly required to be read by all referees in the league) about Harry Maguire’s evasion of mistakes made against Cesar Azpilicueta and Michi Batshuayi in recent meetings, and that is Exactly why he chose not to award a hudud penalty against Chelsea. it’s a Paragraph 22 in this story. Solksjær is examining Frank Lampard too, because we all so clearly participate in it.

(The club historian Rick “Lord of the Judges” Glanville’s name should have been verified instead!)

Said’s accident occurred in the 15th minute, when Callum Hudson-Odoi and Mason Greenwood clashed for an embarrassing ball in the Chelsea area, and it appeared that the Chelsea player was holding the ball. The referee did not award the penalty kick at first, but the VAR referee summoned him to the side controller. Repeats there were largely inconclusive, With some angles showing the handling of Greenwood first, some angles showing the Hudson-Odoi handle first, and some angles showing Greenwood’s arm actually pushing Hudson-Odoi’s hand into the ball.

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Unless it is definitely an obvious mistake or a final penalty.

Conspiracy theory for Olli – keep in mind, only Leicester City have received more penalties than United so far this season! – It was fueled by a little rumor, with the referee apparently telling Maguire (again!) That he could not award a penalty because it would be “very controversial”! Well, he definitely avoided that!

Since then, Manchester United has started blaspheming by claiming things were “undesirable”. The fans must be very loud.

I’m not a big fan of fining people the FA, but it sure is worth it in this case. If that doesn’t make the game bad for you, then I don’t know what that is.

On the plus side, we got the most out of it, discovered a good use of The 5th Stand finally (or should we say The 12th Man App), and we even got this excellent tweet from the social media team.

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