SNL Gorilla Glue Skit is so funny

SNL Gorilla Glue Skit is so funny

“It’s a mistake that can happen to anyone. Like brushing your teeth with the H lotion.”

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the unfortunate story of Tessica Brown. You know, the woman who set Gorilla gum in her hair.

to me TMZDr. Michael Obing accepted his generous offer of the surgery for four hours to remove all adhesives – for free! And he was successful!

Now that we know Tessica has had a happy ending, SNL The mockery of Gorilla Glue’s entire fiasco is so funny. Last night, Kenan Thompson and Regina King represented a business attorney demanding compensation for those who put adhesive in their hair.

Share a special message for anyone who has used Gorilla Glue instead of traditional beauty products.

Lawyers have revealed how often this audience hurts …

… and how much compensation they are entitled to.

The lawyers also provided excellent testimonials from Gorilla Glue victims like this:

Lawyers agreed it could happen to anyone.


For those who don’t know, Preparation H is hemorrhoid ointment.

They assert that they are prepared to confront the gorillas for the sake of their clients, despite the ways of the wild animals.

And at the end of the ad, they realize that gorilla glue can negatively affect more than one of your hair.

So folks, let’s all take this lesson seriously: Don’t put Gorilla Glue in your spotted hair !!!

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