SNL brutalizes MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell on ‘Weekend Update’

SNL brutalizes MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell on 'Weekend Update'

Cecily Strong may have opened this weekend Saturday Night Live With Marjorie Taylor Green’s new solid impression, But it was one during the “Weekend Update” when Beck Bennett busted Mike Lyndell.

Join Colin Jost to talk about it Exile from Twitter After continuing on Push false voter conspiracy theories, Lindel snuggled up near MyPillow as he retracted claims that he helped inspire Capitol rebels.

“Well, wait there, Buck, I didn’t inspire any rebellion, nobody!” Lendl announced. “I’m just an ordinary American crack addict, turned out to be a pillow executive and an advisor to a former president.”

He also swore that he did not meet Trump on “martial law” earlier this month. He said, “I just suggested that the army topple the government.” “And if this is not democracy, I don’t know what it is!”

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