Skull Session: Ohio has two best receivers in the country, Buckeyes Lead Nation in Quarter 1, Joey Bosa announces Super Bowl

Shooters shoot in today's skull session.

Folks, Buckeyes seem to be real.

Again, this probably should have been widely accepted after the three consecutive methods beat the top 15 opponents, but if you needed to see a fourth, I wouldn’t punish you.

Welcome to the cart!

(Also, Zed Key finished a better field goal ratio than Luka Garza. Do whatever you want with this information.)

Word of the day: blossom.

This sounds good. I am new to this thing “my team is very good at basketball”. Can someone tell me if this is okay? Because it sure looks good!

My favorite thing about this hotline was gradually seeing hopes and expectations for this team to change.

At first, it was “Maybe they’ll be classified!” Then it was, “Wow, that’s one of the 15 best!” Then last week, we went to, “Oh, they’re going to be in the top ten! At least until they play in Iowa.” Now, Buckeyes’ team is firmly in the top five and can legitimately chase the top seed.

Michigan is not ready.

The best receivers on Earth. The bad news is Ohio State has no one on the list to complete – or even try! College-wide pass. But the good news is that Ohio also has the best recipients in college football. According to Pro Football Focus.

1. Chris Olive, Ohio

Olave was expected to be a pick from the first round in the 2021 NFL draft, but made the surprise decision to go back to school and boost his stock higher. This is clearly great news for the Buckeyes family. They are bringing back one of the most, if not the most, polished contestants in college football.

It has created a move or more detachment from more than 87% of its goals since 2019, the highest in the country. Against single coverage over the past two seasons, Olave made 15 concerts resulting in gains of over 15 yards in which he had more than two separation steps. It came second after DeVonta Smith of Alabama for the highest number in FBS (19) and is five more than the next Best Power Five future.

2. Jarrett Wilson, Ohio

Ohio may no longer have Justin Fields, but the team has the best broad and clear reception duo in the country. This will definitely make it easier for (likely) CJ Stroud to move in the quarterback. Like teammate Olaf, Wilson is one of the game’s best contestants. He impressed against the single coverage (sixth in a PFF score in plays like this) and often found soft spots against area while working from the hole. This resulted in a parting rate that ranked eighth in college football this past season. The five-star recruiter of 2019 is bound to put the numbers into this crime all over again in 2021.

Chris Olaf’s comeback relieves my anxiety about putting the middle on two fronts.

First, it’s a lot easier to take on the generational full-back when you return the best receiver in the country (see Jones, Mac). Second, there is no way Olaf would have returned and risked millions of dollars in draft stock if he hadn’t thought the midfielder next year would be good.

And Garrett Wilson – not bad either!

Olave and Wilson are this year’s version of DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle – except that I would do a lot better if they both remained healthy, even if it cost the other a Heisman Trophy.

Coming to a TV near you … There might not be any Buckeyes on the field on Sunday night, but Joey Bosa will be playing the best and funnest part of the Super Bowl – the commercials.

Really, Joey Bosa is easily among my top five Buckeyes funniest to have played since I’ve been writing lyrics online about this team. Whatever that is, I’m sure it will be hilarious.

Always read accurate literature. Michigan usually earns a mockery of me for its horrific social media game (like the time they repeatedly flooded after asking fans For fun sporty memoriesOr, when they bragged about having a Fewest number of missed interventionsOr, when they’ve created a graphic offer for their recruiting Five ex-players in Ohio).

But this, they say, is unparalleled.

PENN STATE has won every match last year.

ᵉˣᶜᵉᵖᵗ ᶠᵒʳ ᶠᶦᵛᵉ

Today’s song. “Carry you” for a Novo matters.

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