Skull Session: Buckeyes’ national title odds are somehow declining, college football team roster size issue, Ohio State graphics team wastes no time

We're happy in today's skull session.

One day, I will tell my kids when players will actually sign Letters of Intent on National Signature Day.

Word of the day: Haptic.

Tough crowd. Here’s the head-scratching – Last week, Ohio beat Pennsylvania and hit Michigan to expand their hotline to six wins in seven games, placing Buckeye at number seven in the AP poll.

… and the odds for their national title are gone somehow Down.

Yes, last week’s sports book Ohio gave 1 33 odds to win the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. As of yesterday, this number is 1/40.

Now, to be fair, everyone else’s odds have decreased as well. Only the top four teams and Alabama (who lost their last game by five?) Saw their odds increase. Basically, bettors are increasingly convinced that one of these teams will win the cool.

this is good. I keep doubting Zed Key and Buckeyes. Before you know it, they’ll cut the net.

You must do something. You can easily create a solid list of the top 10 of the most brutal and unprecedented things that happened in college football in 2020.

But my personal favorite is when the NCAA Grant each player an additional season of eligibility Without seeming to even remotely think about the long-term list, employment, and financial fallout.

But now, about six months later, they realize it There will be some problems in the coming years.

The increase in transfers is expected to continue well into next year’s tournament, not only due to the one-time transportation exception but as a result of a COVID-19-inspired rule that grants each athlete an additional year of eligibility. While seniors returning for next season do not count against the team’s scholarship limit of 85 for the team, players of all future classes do.

For example, players who were young in the fall of 2020 and would normally have graduated by the 2022 season will now have an option to return as seniors in the fifth or even sixth year. They will count against 85. Meanwhile, some of the new student classes in 2021 will be gigantic: The 25 incoming freshmen will be connected with the nearly 25 new students “wearing a COVID shirt” (real second year students who were freshmen through 2020) for a class Made for 50 people. This leaves 35 scholarship places for three semesters.

While teams can have 85 players in scholarships each year, they can sign only 25 new players a year. The 100 signers over four years leave plenty of room to maneuver of 15 players of natural attrition. New transportation legislation and the impending wave of COVID-shirter are causing abnormal attrition.

In the 2022 and 2023 recruitment cycles, coaches have one of two options: keep players on scholarships and add fewer signers, or fire scholarship players and sign a regular term.

“The biggest challenge is those young people who are going to be old [in 2022]”These are going to be tough discussions,” says Coastal Carolina coach Jimmy Chadwell.

The whole piece does a great job of highlighting that there is nowhere near enough menu places for kids to think they’ll move, and that Before You award each player of at least four tiers an additional season of eligibility and allow one-time free transfer for all players.

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Unless the NCAA did something about its 85 scholarship limit, it would be a complete disaster in two years and would definitely cost some college degrees for the kids they would otherwise have had.

I all give players extra eligibility – that’s okay. But doing so without ever adjusting the menu size limits will leave countless kids hanging around to dry.

Obey the elderly. Aaron Kraft hasn’t dressed as Buckeye in nearly seven years and hasn’t even played under Chris Holtman, but you’d be wrong if you thought he still had some clout in that locker room.

Aaron Craft needs to return to the program as a team manager. I’m sure medical school and being a dad is tough stuff, but the priorities are the priorities.

that was quick. Yesterday, EA Sports announced that they will once again make a college football video game. And the Ohio graphics team wasted no time at all in turning this into an employment opportunity.

ABCs of football in Ohio – Always be a routine.

Today’s song. “Honeysuckle Rose” by Fats Waller.

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