Scientists have found evidence that Stonehenge may have been built in Wales and then moved

Scientists have found evidence that Stonehenge may have been built in Wales and then moved

British Archaeologists They believe they have identified 5,000-year-old prehistoric origins Ruin Stonehenge.

A team of scholars led by University College London Mike Parker-Pearson, mentioned In the Journal of Antiquity On Friday, they discover a stone circle in Priscilly Hills in Wales that they believe has been dismantled and taken 175 miles to Salisbury Plain and remodeled into Stonehenge.

A mysterious monolith located near the Turkish World Heritage Site

The Waun Mawn site – previously ignored over the years – is found to have four large blue stones arranged in an arc. Pearson and his researchers revealed evidence of six additional holes that originally held a stone in 2018, leading to the theory that people took it as they are. Emigrated.

When measuring the diameter of the circular trench at the Waun Mawn, the group found that the trenches surrounding the two sites shared identical diameters of about 360 feet wide.

In this file photo on Tuesday, December 17, 2013, visitors take pictures of the World Heritage Site in Stonehenge, England.
(AP Photo / Alastair Grant, File)

Waun Mawn – which appears to be the third largest stone circle in Britain – and Stonehenge are the only monuments from the Neolithic period in Britain that comply with those specifications. Coal and sediments Inside the Holes indicates that the creation of Waun Mawn can be traced back to Around 3400 BC

Additionally, the dimensions of Stonehenge’s 43 blue stones – many of which are buried – match the dimensions of the four in Waun Mawn and are the same type of rock as the three of them.

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One of Stonehenge’s stones also has a cross section that matches one of the hollows of the Waun Mawn.

To further prove their relationship, Pearson found that the entrance to both circles was lined up towards Sunrise in midsummer However, the intended purpose of the circuit remains shrouded in mystery.

Stonehenge was built in phases beginning on Around 3000 BC

The Wiltshire County Monument is built using both blue and newer and larger stones Sandstones.

Previous research over the past few decades has shown that while fern stones were only brought from 15 miles in Marlborough, The blue columns have been extracted from Prisilly Hills.

In 2019, Pearson and his team Fitted Evidence of the locations of two Bluestone quarries, prompting them to look over Waun Mawn again.

Scientific analysis of the human remains at Stonehenge indicated that some may have been from Wales, and more excavations are planned to try to understand more.

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Pearson assumed that both Stonehenge was made for him Commemoration of ancestors Of those who built it, this first phase of Stonehenge may have helped unify the people of southern Britain.

“Perhaps most of the people migrated, and took their stones – their ancestral identities – with them, to start over in this other special place,” he said. Press release. “This extraordinary event may also have helped unite the peoples of East and West Britain.”

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