Samsung is imagining what the first AR glasses might look like in leaked videos

Samsung is imagining what the first AR glasses might look like in leaked videos

It was Samsung Playing with augmented reality glasses for yearsRecently, a very basic set of photo viewing glasses was introduced At CES 2020But I’ve never seen the company suggest that it might want to build an ambitious augmented reality wearable computing device – even today perhaps.

WalkingCat, a fairly reliable source of tool leaks, He posted two new concept videos It shows some of the fun things a pair of Samsung Glasses Lite can do, such as displaying a giant virtual screen where you can play your games, letting you return to your movie theater, giving you a giant virtual computer screen, turn on the “sunglasses mode” for automatic dimming , Or as an instant, first-person view of a DJI drone, complete with telemetry.

The second video shows the very similar concept of “Samsung augmented reality glasses”, although this time it allows the user to “see” 3D digital objects appearing in the real world, a visual image that should be instantly familiar to you if you see any of them from Microsoft Marketing HoloLens.

If you’ve never tried Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap, you should know that reality is very far from the visualizations you see here. Waveguides, lasers, projectors, and precision mirror sets usually give you a very small field of view with transparent augmented reality goggles like this one. If you’re standing next to a virtual computer screen, you’ll only be able to see a portion of it at a time – the rest will be out of your field of vision.

For me, the most interesting part about these videos is how Samsung imagines you will use a smartwatch to navigate the interfaces. In the short term, that might be more realistic than trying to click on things that aren’t really there or make mid-air gestures with your hands, and smartwatch control is a model that other companies working on AR headphones are no doubt considering. Apple has a smartwatch The AR headphone is under developmentAnd, of course, the division of Facebook devices that’s building augmented reality glasses It is said to now be working on a smartwatch as well.

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Speaking of Samsung and smartwatches, two well-known dropouts They say now Samsung might return to Android for its next smartwatch, rather than the very own Tizen platform it has been using for watches for years now.

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