Royal Salvador Perez is extending the biggest decade in the franchise’s history

Royal Salvador Perez is extending the biggest decade in the franchise's history

The Kansas City Royals They should soon make the transition from constructor to competitor, and they are sure to be a strong catcher Salvador Perez You will be part of the process. Perez signed a new four-year contract with the club’s choice for the fifth year, The team announced Sunday. He was going to be a free agent after the 2021 season.

Athletic’s Alec Lewis has Perez’s new contract details:

  • 2021: $ 13 million (part of the previous decade)
  • 2022: $ 18 million
  • 2023: $ 20 million
  • 2024: $ 20 million
  • 2025: $ 22 million
  • 2026: $ 13.5 million club option ($ 2 million acquisition)

With $ 82 million in new money, Perez’s extension is the largest contract in Royals’ history, surpassing a four-year $ 72 million contract offered by the club. Alex Gordon In 2016. The average annual value of $ 20.5 million makes this the third richest hunting contract in history, after only JT Realmuto ($ 23.1 million) and Joe Mawr ($ 23 million).

Perez, on May 31, missed the year 2019 with Tommy John surgery and sustained an injury and COVID-19 shortened the 2020 season, despite having spent a career year offensively. He composed the .333 / .353 / .633 hitting streak with 11 home runs in 156 board appearances and 37 matches, earning him just a few MVP votes. Perez is his career. 269 / .300 / .449 hitter in parts of nine seasons in the major league.

This is the third time that Perez has signed a long-term extension to stay with the royal family. He signed a five-year $ 7 million extension in February 2012, after playing 39 matches during his MLB debut in 2011. Perez then signed a new five-year extension of $ 52.5 million in March 2016, replacing the few years Last from the first time. Extension. Now he has a new four-year deal.

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Field framing metrics never liked Perez, although he posted a league average or best spotted steal rate throughout his career, and he’s long since garnered great reviews for his work with shooters. It’s a power picker first – Perez averaged 30.4 homers per 162 games from 2015-20 – which seems to outperform the hard-to-pin pickup bits.

Perez is already the captain of the Royals franchise in games that have been discovered – he scored 894 games and Mike Macfarlane was second away with a score of 744 – and the new addition ensures that he will move into the top ten in the list of franchise games played regardless of position. It is currently ranked 13th in the franchise’s history with 959 matches played.

Members of the royal family are starting to see the fruits of their rebuilding, particularly on the hill. Brady Singer Fixed in rotation, Chris Popek It was a great MLB debut last year, and it was one of the best promotions Jackson KawarAnd Asa and Lacey Daniel Lynch Not too far behind. The club also has a short and spring training feel to Bobby Wheat Junior in order.

Kansas City led 26–34 (a speed of 70 wins in a season of 162 matches) and finished fourth in Al Central in 2020. SportsLine envisions the club as a team of 76 wins with a 25 per cent chance of making the post season in 2021.

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