Report: St. Louis Cardinals acquires Nolan Arenado from the Colorado Rockies

Report: St. Louis Cardinals acquires Nolan Arenado from the Colorado Rockies

Update: New news goes at the top, because sacred crap. It does happen. The Cardinals will receive Nolan Arenado.

In theory, with that much money included from the Rockies, you might assume that they are actually making a good return from the Cardinals for a superstar player. But, since they’re cardinals, I’ll guess they’re giving up very little to miss, and now Arenado will be an absolute major star for the next six seasons in St. Louis. This is suuuuuuucks.

Update 2: Rosenthal She suggests Returns could include a mix of LHP Austin Gomber, 1B Luken Baker, Jhon Torres, RHP Jake Woodford, and / or RHP Angel Rondón. I hardly recognize these names so this is not a good sign.

Update 3: The deal might not be a bit complete, In Rosenthal, Because issues of withdrawal and deferment (including league and union approvals, as necessary) still have to be dealt with. Nobody seems to think there will be a serious whirlwind.

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I don’t like how this is heading for you guys. It has become one of those situations that seem to be put on the tracks – it’s not a train that can’t be stopped yet, but it’s rolling.

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The Cardinals are now “pushing hard” on Nolan Arenado, and they’re “very determined”:

On top of that, Cardinals’ head John Muzeliak was asked about the Arenado today, and although he didn’t address a player on another team by name, man, the things he said sounded of all kinds.

“There are a lot of rumors circulating around the industry at the moment, and I imagine these things will likely continue,” Mozeliak He told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There is not much I can add to these other than realizing that they are out there, and as far as what we’re doing, where we’re going, spring training is clearly around the corner. As I mentioned a while ago, I thought January would look like December. I’ve seen it.” Lots of player action… Sure, some of the things you likely saw at the end of January will come out now in February….

“As we stand now, [our third baseman is] Matt Carpenter. In terms of handling rumors or free agents, my position is always the same. Once you get into that bunny hole, you’ll never come out. In terms of the way we like our club now – we love our team. But today is January 29th. There is still time for improvement. Baseball is a great industry, isn’t it? There is always time to try to get better. The good news is that time is on our side. “

This is hardly an attempt to quash this, or even remain neutral. To me, this sounds like a guy in deep and complex business conversations. He knows it might not work, because striking a deal with these many layers is really difficult. But yes, it is clearly being discussed very seriously.

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And as Heyman hears, the Cardinals really want this thing to happen. Financially, the Cardinals will likely swing as long as they don’t have to spend the full six years and $ 199 million in the Arenado Contract (especially in 2021 – this is probably where they send in the Carpenter Contract). And if Arenado still wants to come out as badly as it looked last year, he will figure out a way to overturn that choice.

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